USHealth Group Are Continuing To Make a Difference

USHealth Group Inc is a family and individual insurance company including two different companies together; which are Freedom Life Insurance of America and National Foundation Life Insurance. They each have a variety of different portfolios and coverages for different families and singles. USHealth Group understands choosing whats best for you or your family can be tough and expensive. With that being said, they try to make it easy and simple.

These plans all include a reasonable amount of reliability, affordability, and flexibility. Along with all of their dedication and hard work of satisfying their customers over the years, this company has continued to hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau! USHealth Group continues to make families happy with their hard working advisors.

As a matter of fact, one of the advisors for the company named Randy Hilderbrant claims it was the best decision of his life! Everything completely changed for him and his family. Here is his amazing success story!

In the beginning, Randy worked hard as a baseball player in high school. With many great games, he unfortunately blew out his shoulder and ended up having surgery for it. Having his dream over with was hard enough, but Randy understood it was time to make it big in something else now. He started to apply for different jobs that interested him in the business and economics field. He got his degree, saved up money and started to grow his resume. Check this article at to know more about USHealth Group

Then one lucky day, Randy got a called from a lady named Connie. She explained she had a very great opportunity for him selling insurance, but the only problem was, it was over 200 miles away! Randy was hesitate at first and even shot her down a few times. Eventually, he made the trip and got started.

Every week for the next six-months, Randy drove over 200 miles and made the mandatory meetings. Randy started to feel hopeless because he still had no idea what they were selling, or even how to sell it. On the urge of quitting, Randy spoke to his mentor which gave him true words of wisdom. This then made Randy join the team in 2012 and he couldn’t be happier with his decision! Visit: