The many accomplishments of George Soros

George Soros was born as George Schwartz in Hungary in 1930 to a wealthy Jewish family, which was comprised of himself, an older brother, Paul, and their parents. When Soros was barely a teenager, the Nazis occupied Hungary and were deporting Jews, but the Soros’, having changed their family name in 1936, were able to buy documents to pass themselves off as Christians.In 1947, when Soros was seventeen, he immigrated to England, where he became a student. While at the London School of Economics, he worked two jobs. Four years later, Soros earned a Bachelor of Science in philosophy, and then in 1954, a Master of Science in philosophy. The same year, he began working as a clerk in a merchant bank, but desired to move up in the world and soon found himself in New York working as a stock trader.

Soros spent time at a succession of jobs until 1970, when he founded his own company – Soros Fund Management. He has founded numerous companies since then over the course of many years.Soros first married in 1960, becoming the father to three, but it eventually ended in divorce. In 1983, he married again, having two more children, but that too ended in 2005. In 2013, Soros married for a third time, and he and his wife are still together.Soros is a successful businessman and philanthropist, the latter dating back to the 1970’s. He has given millions of dollars of charity to various causes ever since he began, earning him widespread recognition for his generosity.

Soros has been active politically, openly voicing his views as well as providing funding. After donating twenty-seven million dollars in 2004 to try to prevent George Bush from taking office, Soros dialed back a little on his political spending and focused more on human rights, but now he has returned and has given millions to support Hillary Clinton as well as several other Democratic causes.In 2005, with backing from Soros, a group of liberal donors called the Democracy Alliance was launched. The Alliance is a set of people who work together to fund certain political groups.In addition to his other achievements, Soros has also written books and articles on several of his many interests.