The End Citizens United Battle Has Just Begun

The Supreme Court has the power to drastically change the lives of the United States citizens based on the court’s interpretation of the law. Eight years ago, the court upheld a decision that continues to have a drastic impact on how corporations and politics interact. The Citizens United case is sure to have long-term consequences due to the Court’s ruling in 2010.

The decision is deeply controversial. Political organizations are raising arms to overturn the decision. As a result, an organization called End Citizens United was established in 2015 to meet these challenges.

The End Citizens United battle is the result of the film Hillary: The Movie. The film was released in during the 2008 democratic presidential preliminaries. The main premise of the film was to attack Hillary Clinton and her career. After the film’s airing, the FEC determined the video was essentially a campaign ad against Hilary Clinton.


Since the film was determined to be an ad, the FEC required Citizen United to release the funding source. However, the organization refused to reveal the source of funding. In fact, Citizens United sued to have the ruling overturned. Under the first stage of the battle, a federal court decided to hold the FEC decision. However, in a controversial decision two years later, the United States Supreme Court overturned the ruling. Drastically changing the political climate of the United States. This ruling ended a century long separation between corporations and politics. As a result, corporations now have First Amendment rights based on the United States Constitution.

This created a new chapter on how corporations interacted with the political environment. Essentially, allowing corporations to contribute anonymously and unlimitedly to political campaigns. With corporate funding, pollical TV and Radio ads are expected to increase. Analyst also believe this decision can be extremely beneficial to the Republican Party. The organization has a large resource of corporations who have leadings toward the party. Corporations such as the Walton Family (Walmart), Koch brothers (Koch Industries) and Betsy Devos (Amway). These companies are expected to contribute millions of dollars to Republican campaigns.

Nevertheless, End Citizens United is determined to counter these changes. Organizations continue to voice their dissatisfaction with the ruling. End Citizens United is focusing on raising a grass root effort to counteract the corporate funding. These funding sources are expected to erode any negative consequences of the Supreme Court ruling. Even though the decision has been decided the battle has just begin with End Citizens United. We have yet to see the full impact of the ruling.

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