The Betsy DeVos Looks for the Small Ways to Improve Education

Betsy DeVos changing the education system for the better. She is someone that is embracing her role as the Secretary of Education. I think that everyone should really give proper respect to Betsy DeVos for the work that she has done. Accolades are due because she is trying to help people that are trying to get better education for their children.She believes in the charter schools, and she is also a fan of school vouchers. I commend someone like Betsy DeVos for taking time to explain more about what this means because I was totally unaware that this existed. It appears that Betsy DeVos has done her homework and she has taken the time to really get people acquainted with what it means to get a decent education. She is a fan of the charter school because this is going to finally provide a break away from the traditional public school system. The public school system is not always the most conducive environment to learning. Betsy is trying to fix that.

Betsy DeVos is a hero in my book because she is just really going to give a straight opinion about how she feels about edcuation system. That’s the Secretary of Education she is not in place to sugar-coat anything that is going on in education. To the cntrary, Betsy DeVos has put her thoughts into building a better environment for all of those that are trying to make improvements in the lives of their children.Parents are getting involved with charter schools, and this shows that Betsy DeVos has put together a better strategy for education parent involvement. In public schools it may have been a struggle to actually get the attention of the parents.

Betsy DeVos knows with school vouchers and the charter school systems that more parents are going to have to be active in the lives of their children as it pertains to education. Betsy DeVos has really been doing some great things for education long before her official role of Secretary of Education. I think that this is proof positive that she is on the right track when it comes to building a better education system. Everyone does not have the opportunity that she has to affect education in the way that she is planning to make changes in the system. I think that this is going to play a major part in the way that she improves the system that is currently in place.I really think that Betsy DeVos can do more with the position of Secretary of Education if she gets a chance. Right now she has her eyes set on school vouchers and I believe this is a good start.

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  1. I think a lot people would agree with me that what defines a successful society is the quality of education the young ones get at such a tender age. According to, best essay writing service 2017, i think Betsy Devos has been in the educational line for a longer period of time and she knows what is obtainable in the sector. Its no fluke that she was appointed the secretary of education and i think she has the key to redefining our educational strategies into a formidable and working one.

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