Southridge Capital Shines In Its Two Primary Areas Of Business:

Connecticut’s private equity powerhouse Southridge Capital is a firm that provides services in the areas of securities brokerage and investment banking. This impressive firm has a team of some of the top financial professionals in the business and was founded in 1996 by Stephen Hicks. Stephen continues to serve in the role of principal and CEO. His day to day activities include setting the direction that the firm will move toward from a strategic point of view. Stephen Hicks has a wealth of industry experience that totals over thirty years and he is highly knowledgeable in areas ranging from investment banking to derivatives.


Professional services in an advisory role and structured finance services are the hallmarks of the business model employed by Southridge Capital. The firm’s advisory services include a wide range of areas including analysis of financials, optimization for a firm’s balance sheets and assistance in the areas of acquisitions and mergers. Southridge Capital also excels in the area of structured finance and helps clients in the areas of credit enhancement and financial solutions as well as in the area of securitization. The ability that the team at Southridge has consistently displayed to use innovative thinking has been a major factor driving the firm’s success. This way of doing business has allowed the firm to provide an extraordinary level of service to its clients. For more details visit



According to PR Newswire, when Stephen Hicks first thought about founding his own firm, he was working for a New York-based hedge fund. The desire to make a run at doing it all on his own was the original motivation behind founding Southridge Capital. These days, Stephen Hicks is as involved as he was when he founded the firm in 1996. Daily routines still include reviewing the firm’s portfolio and deciding what items have a critical need to be accomplished on that given day.



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