Roberto Santiago Makes It through the Muddle

Roberto Santiago is a well-known investor and entrepreneur from Brazil. He mainly operates in the mall industry as he owns the famous Manaira Shopping Mall that is rated as the most modern and equipped mall in Brazil. In fact, the mall has attained international standards as some of the international artists and celebrities travel from their countries to hold their functions at the state-of-the-art facility.

Roberto Puts Himself through School

Roberto says that he rose from poverty to his current billionaire position. His parents could hardly afford to educate him through college, so he worked extra jobs and put himself through college. Roberto confesses that it was not easy to work from a tender age. Nevertheless, it was worth the struggle.

Arts Industry

Roberto began his career in the writing and arts industry. He has never been one to seek employment as he always loved employing himself. His first venture was writing children literature as he loved kids’ stories. Most of these were based on stories he had read and his imagination. Parents and teachers approved his level and bought his books in large volumes. The kids also enjoyed reading the stories, demanding more and more of his writings.

However, after a while, Roberto changed his niche and began writing plays for the adult generation. At the same time, he directed the plays and earned respect from most of his followers who loved his plays. While He was still writing scripts, he engaged in writing inspirational articles for his blog. Many times, these articles advised people never to give up no matter what they faced. He told his own stories of how he had made it through many problems and setbacks. Consequently, he asked people to keep pushing their way to the top and eventually they would make it. Roberto gained a large following and earned his revenue from the blog. Similarly, he became very famous in the Brazil Online Industry.

Roberto in College

The success of Roberto’s blog made him desire to invest his resources. However, he had no business knowledge, and he knew investing blindly would lead to losses. Consequently, he enrolled in Business College and University and pursued Bachelor of Business Administration. The above gave him the confidence to launch into business.

Roberto in Business

Roberto’s first business was Santa Rosa cafĂ©, which he started while he was still in college. He was successful at the venue since he cooked and served all his meals with excellence. Since most times he was in class, he employed able staff that would run the business even in his absence. Later, he used the profits from the firm to start a cartonnage company that was equally successful. Later, he used the profits from the company to buy the land on which he built Manaira Shopping Mall.