Reasons Why Southridge Capital is a Leader in the Financial Market

Investments market are diversifying each day. Alternative investments are now supplementing the traditional investments. The diversification, unfortunately, is causing a lot of chaos, especially among budding and even experienced investors. Fortunately, Southridge for the last 22 years has been a partner to hundreds of investors, both private and public entities. With this company, investors can comfortably invest in relatively new investment areas such as alternative investments.



Currently, the company has a broader management scope. The company’s operational scope is divided into three major subsections. They include commercial real estate, funding, and more importantly advisory services to investors. In the past two decades, the company has been able to manage over 300 companies. These companies are both private and public entities. The ability to work with both private and public companies is an indication of the company efficiency and the ability to place the companies to profitability path. The secret to this record of accomplishment is innovative techniques and approach to changing the financial world. The company is also a home to some of the best brains in the world of investment management. For more details visit Bloomberg.



A basic day for Steven Hicks (CEO) is full of analysis of clients’ investments and making rational recommendations on what to do. For the two decades, Steven Hicks, as the person in charge of this company, he has given dying companies a chance to return to profit-making paths. Southridge Capital is currently one of the most efficient companies in the investment management, thanks to Hicks approach to management. The company’s idea date back to 1996 Hicks short experience in the hedge fund. The exposure gave this investment manager an insight of unmet need by typical investment management companies.



How is Steven Hicks able to remain competitive and relevant? According to him, experience in the financial markets a valuable possession. His 30 years’ experience in this niche makes him have a better understanding of the financial trends and specifically what approaches are profitable. In addition, he remains competitive due to his approach to learning. Everyday according to Southridge Capital CEO is a learning experience. He interacts with different dynamics and these dynamics shapes his opinions especially on investment. You can follow their Twitter page.


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