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In the world of cosmetics, image is everything. This notion rings true on so many levels and former-tennis player, Andre Agassi, used this slogan during his epic run years ago. When it comes to cosmetics, there are more than enough brands on the market to choose from. If you like the standard colors, then stick with the standard brands. If you’re seeking something new, then Lime Crime is the perfect choice. Lime Crime is on another level to some degree because it’s different from anything else that’s on the market. The 10-year-old company only seems to be getting stronger with time. CEO Doe Deere has shot straight to the top of the ranks thanks to her brilliant ideas. In a certain way, she is a perfectionist. Before these products ever hit the market, Deere personally tries them on during testing. In other words, she has a hands-on approach to the situation. Learn more:


Though Deere was born and raised in Russia, she currently lives in sunny Los Angeles, California. Before residing in California, she spent 14 years in New York City. The transition from Russia to the United States was a bit difficult and Deere had to grow up fast. At the time, she was only 17 years old. Becoming a musician was her goal, and she experimented with a local band. This band played all around the New York City metropolitan area. This is where she met her soon-to-be husband as he also played in the band. Deere’s ambition forced her to expand her horizons as she attended the famed Fashion Institute of Technology. Though she didn’t graduate from this exclusive institution, she absorbed more than enough knowledge to get her on the right track.


Deere implemented her own personal style into the products. The products just so happen to be eyeliner, lip toppers, glitter, lip gloss, lipstick, hair dye, foundation and many more. She also used the boldest of colors and richest of hues. She has always had a love for animals, and Deere consistently supports her favorite animal-rescue charities. On the other hand, Lime Crime’s products are animal cruelty-free. On top of that, the products are certified vegan. As you can see, there’s a method to the madness. “I’ll never stop daring myself to try new things,” said Deere. She is always on the lookout for the next big thing, especially when it comes to colors. What more can anyone expect from the “Unicorn Queen?”

How to Get Life Insurance for Yourself

If you would like to get life insurance, it is crucial that you find a company that is right for you. One of the most well-known companies out there is known as Freedom Life Insurance. Freedom Life Insurance has been around for quite a bit now and has worked diligently when it comes to getting people the insurance that they need. Once you make the decision to choose a life insurance policy, it is just a matter of finding one that is right for them. You will love being able to get a plan that puts your mind at ease and enables you to feel confident in what you’re able to do.

There are lots of people who have chosen Freedom Life Insurance for themselves, and this is a wonderful option for lots of people when it comes to getting the most out of this process. Once you have made the decision to utilize this for yourself, it is time for you to contact their experts and get a professional in order to make use of this for yourself. You will love being able to make use of this for yourself and know that it is going to help you to get the insurance that is ideal for each of your many needs.

There are so many individuals who do not have insurance on themselves, and this can leave your loved ones without something in the long run, which can be a real problem if you are not careful. This is why it is so important that you make use of this company and know that they are going to be there for you when you need it the most. Be sure that you look into this for yourself and see that it is something that is going to help out. You will love being able to get the most out of this as an option and know that you are going to help your loved ones in the event that you pass away and you are leaving them with a lot of money for costs and expenses that come up.

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Mike Baur Invests His Time, Energy And Resources Helping Start-Ups

Mike Baur is a Swiss businessman that is focused on helping young entrepreneurs to make their dreams of building a successful business come true. Baur is co-funder of Switzerland’s top new business accelerator, Swiss Startup Factory. Baur spent 20 years as a Swiss banker before retiring at age 39. It was the fulfillment of a dream he had ever since he was a youngster. Along the way he earned two MBAs and worked his way up from a commercial apprentice to a member of the board of a top Swiss bank. But now he is starting a second career developing young entrepreneurs.


The idea for starting Swiss Startup Factory came to Baur when most of the start-ups in which he wanted to invest lacked the training and resources to succeed. So Mike Baur collaborated with two of his friends and created Swiss Startup Factory. What makes the company better than other business incubators is the intensity of the processes and the challenges start-ups selected to participate in the program have to face. The program also provides them with training in accounting, marketing, handling taxes, business development and more and provides them with financing and office space in the heart of Zurich.


The results have been great. Swiss Startup Factory is the country’s number one private stat-up incubator. Mike Baur is also collaborating with several other companies to create more start-up incubators. The husband and father was concerned about the future of the Swiss economy and is working to do something about it. At Swiss Startup Factory Baur focuses on market testing the products the start-ups offer to ensure they work well and are something consumers want and need. He also feels entrepreneurs must be passionate about what they are doing for their companies to succeed.


In terms of developing the right mindset to succeed in business, Mike Baur says one of the books he likes the most is motivational speaker and life coach Anthony Robbins’ ‘Awaken the Giant Within‘. Baur says the book offers great basic guidance and many of the tools people can use to reach their greatest goals in life and in business. Mike Baur’s giant within has been awake for many years. It helps to fuel the passion that drives him to maintain the ‘hurricane schedule’ he uses to be as productive as possible while working with young entrepreneurs and their start-ups and building Swiss Startup Factory.


Dr. Jennifer Walden, a Top Austin Aesthetic Surgeon

Jennifer Walden is one of a few female plastic surgeons in Texas. She is at the top of her game, running a successful aesthetic plastic surgery practice and supported by a team of other female professionals. Dr. Walden is the founder of MedSpa Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center, a fully accredited location. Patients can obtain surgeries of the face, nose, breasts, genitals and other areas of the body. Dr. Walden specializes in making improvements of unsuccessful work performed by other plastic surgeons.MedSpa Walden Cosmetic Surgery’s support staff is made up of 16 women and the client base is primarily women. Every member of her staff has a goal to put the patient at ease, feeling supported in their choices and interacting with non-judgmental plastic surgery professionals. Jennifer Walden’s team brings to life the strong belief that a gratifying work environment can be created by like-minded women.

Dr. Walden uses a 2013 book written by Sheryl Sandberg, “Lean In: Women Who Work and Lead” as the inspiration for her life. She believes professional women can have a successful career and a well adjusted growing family. They can have it all if they lean in and balance their careers and family.Technology places a rich part in Dr. Walden’s success. Her family life is so rich because she benefited from IVF when she conceived her twin boys, Houston and Rex. A single mother, she fought to conceive, having to endure failed intrauterine inseminations. Now, she enjoys the blessing of enjoying her boys.Technology also plays a major part in her practice. Her patients benefit from 3D imaging technology that gives them a preview of how they will look after surgery for augmentation. Dr. Walden is one of the first plastic surgeons to use the following technologies:


1) DiVa Laser-noninvasive vaginal rejuvenation

2) ThermiVa Radiofrequency-noninvasive vaginal rejuvenation

3) SmartGraft Device-single follicular hair transplantation

4) SculpSure-laser fat reduction

Dr. Jennifer Walden runs a successful practice in Austin, Texas, the city of her birth. Austin is also a city that is especially focused on supporting businesses owned by women. This is one of the reasons Dr. Walden has risen to the top of her profession and has been praised so highly for her accomplishments.

Omar Boraie Leads the Way

Many people like to declare that the rich elite look out for only themselves and their own family. However, anyone who has visited New Brunswick, New Jersey and knows of the loving heart of Omar Boraie cannot say that the entire 1% are selfish.

Omar Boraie has used his real estate company Boraie Development to help a whole city flourish. He actually took the city of New Brunswick, turned it around, and made it the flourishing place that it is today.

According to NY Times, the New Jersey Stage released a wonderful article telling of the things Omar Boraie did to help New Brunswick grow. The first thing that he did was make New Brunswick more appealing to families.

Omar Boraie has started, organize, and funded dozens of outreaches and nonprofits to help families. One of the most popular outreaches that he has conducted was his free summer movie nights when he reached out to the State Theater. The agreement was that if the State Theater would provide the space, Omar Boraie would pay for seven movies to be shown completely free to the families of New Brunswick. This allowed families to start building relationships with one another and allowed New Brunswick to develop a community feel.

Omar Boraie then began working at keeping jobs in the local area. New Brunswick was dying because the jobs were leaving and anyone who knows economics knows that people will always follow the jobs. Omar Boraie approached the Corporation of Johnson & Johnson and was able to work out a deal to get them to stay in the city. This was essential since Johnson & Johnson was the largest employer and if they left other businesses would follow.

Omar Boraie then decided that he needed the power players of New Brunswick to be on the same team so that they can work together to make the city great. He was able to enlist of the head of Johnson & Johnson, the President of Rutgers University, the heads of several nonprofits, and the mayor of the city. Together, they were able to develop a strategy to bring New Brunswick to greatness. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms for more.

Omar Boraie then finished helping New Brunswick flourish by donating commercial and residential real estate the City Council. This allowed them to attract young professionals to the city since they could offer lower rates due to the fact they owed no mortgage on these real estate buildings.

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USHealth Group Are Continuing To Make a Difference

USHealth Group Inc is a family and individual insurance company including two different companies together; which are Freedom Life Insurance of America and National Foundation Life Insurance. They each have a variety of different portfolios and coverages for different families and singles. USHealth Group understands choosing whats best for you or your family can be tough and expensive. With that being said, they try to make it easy and simple.

These plans all include a reasonable amount of reliability, affordability, and flexibility. Along with all of their dedication and hard work of satisfying their customers over the years, this company has continued to hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau! USHealth Group continues to make families happy with their hard working advisors.

As a matter of fact, one of the advisors for the company named Randy Hilderbrant claims it was the best decision of his life! Everything completely changed for him and his family. Here is his amazing success story!

In the beginning, Randy worked hard as a baseball player in high school. With many great games, he unfortunately blew out his shoulder and ended up having surgery for it. Having his dream over with was hard enough, but Randy understood it was time to make it big in something else now. He started to apply for different jobs that interested him in the business and economics field. He got his degree, saved up money and started to grow his resume. Check this article at to know more about USHealth Group

Then one lucky day, Randy got a called from a lady named Connie. She explained she had a very great opportunity for him selling insurance, but the only problem was, it was over 200 miles away! Randy was hesitate at first and even shot her down a few times. Eventually, he made the trip and got started.

Every week for the next six-months, Randy drove over 200 miles and made the mandatory meetings. Randy started to feel hopeless because he still had no idea what they were selling, or even how to sell it. On the urge of quitting, Randy spoke to his mentor which gave him true words of wisdom. This then made Randy join the team in 2012 and he couldn’t be happier with his decision! Visit:


Paul Wesley, From Television To Theater

Paul Wesley is an established actor born in New Brunswick, New Jersey. He is the son of Polish parents and spends four months out of there year in Poland with his family. After graduating from Marlboro High School, Paul began studying theater in New York City. His first ‘gig’ was playing Max Nickerson on the soap opera Guiding Light while he was still in high school.
Paul Wesley
Paul Wesley since has been in a wide variety of films and plays. He co-starred in and produced the film ‘Before I Disappear’ which also cast actress Emmy Rossum and actor Ron Pearlman. The film won the SXSW Film Festival Audience Award and competed at “Venice Days” which is an award given at the Venice Film Festival. He has worked with Susan Sarandon, Billy Bob Thornton, Ian Somerhalder and Bryan Cranston, just to name a few.
Paul Wesley
Many people recognize Paul Wesley as the younger brother to Damon Salvatore from the hit television series The Vampire Diaries. After the fourth season of the show, Wesley began directing and producing the series. Paul traveled back and forth from Atlanta to Los Angeles while filming The Vampire Diaries. Wesley branched out to theater work, acting in the play Cal in Camo at the New York City theater Rattlestick.

Paul Wesley
Paul Wesley is also philanthropist that has hosted two fundraisers to raise money for charity. He designed a cat shirt to help raise money for The Humane Society. He was married to actress Torrey DeVitto whom he met in 2007 while filming. Six years later they divorced and Wesley sold his Los Angeles home.
Paul Wesley
‘Before I Disappear’ is about a troubled man who is asked to babysit his niece for a few hours. During that time he must make a choice if work life is more important or is there something else out there.

Meeting Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, a Passionate and True Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Sam Jejurikar has been giving people the opportunity to be their best selves for years now through his cosmetic surgery expertise. He is a member of one of the most respected cosmetic care centers in Texas called the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. Many people have traveled to the heart of Texas to receive his care due to his attention to detail and obvious artistic approach to body contouring. Experts in the field will say that cosmetic care is as much about expertise as it is about art because beauty has to be understood in order to be replicated.


The board certified surgeon focuses on several areas of a person’s body, such as the eyes, face, nose, and breasts. This is not including his extensive work in the field of cosmetic reconstructive care, which has given people the opportunity to live normal lives after dealing with a problem that may have disfigured them one way or another. One of the things that makes Dr. Jejurikar the kind of specialists patients want is he seems to empathize with each person and the reasons they are seeking cosmetic surgery.


The cosmetic surgeon goes above and beyond the call of duty. He is an active member of his community, attempting to teach and bring hope to many. This is part of the reason he has gained the respect he now enjoys from his community. Furthermore, he has also become an important volunteer for the Smile Bangladesh organization. This is a non-profit organization that takes annual trips with a number of physicians to Bangledesh. The trip’s purpose is to bring care to kids who cannot afford it in this area of the world. It is something that brings joy to Dr. Jejurikar and something that gives him another opportunity to give back.


How Jim Larkin And Mike Lacey Got the Funds to Start the Frontera Fund

On October 18, 2007, a bizarre occurrence took place in Arizona. The feared law enforcement unit; the Selective Enforcement Unit, made their way to residential homes of both Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey during the evening hours. On arriving, the deputies from the Selective Enforcement unit arrested the two reporters and drove away with them in unmarked tinted SUVs bearing Mexican number plates. Later that day citizens of Arizona learned of the arrest of the two journalists who had now been booked in separate jails.

When word finally came out on to why the Larkin and Lacey had been arrested, it was shocking. The reason behind the arrest was a story they had published in their local daily about the extent to which American constitutional rights were being grossly violated.

Sheriff Arpaio’s inner circle at the Maricopa County Attorney’s office had recently given out subpoenas from the grand jury seeking personal information about readers, writers, editors of journals and newspapers or any published material. The information requested included the browsing history and the IP addresses used by these individuals.

While most journalists would cower to such intimidation, Lacey and Larkin were not. They instead went ahead and published a comprehensive article in their local daily informing the citizens of Arizona on how their tights were about to be subverted. While in jail fellow inmates inquired why Lacey had been arrested. It is both funny and at the same time that he had been sent to jail for writing and expressing himself.

Lacey and Larkin were released less than 24 hours after their arrest thanks to a public outcry from citizens of Arizona and America at large. The charges leveled against the two Arizona journalists were dropped.

The two were offered a $3.7 million settlement after a lengthy court battle. The fund is what Larkin and Lacey used to set up the Frontera Fund to help Hispanic communities facing similar challenges and racial discrimination. The two Arizona journalists are working on addressing social difficulties faced by both migrant and native citizens of Arizona.

USHEALTH Advisors are offering unique products to their clients

USHEALTH Advisors BBB rating is an A+. This should be a clear indication that this company is doing something substantially significant in the community they are based. The USHEALTH Advisors insurance is a company that is made up of different subsidiaries who work together to provide innovative and reliable insurance covers to their clients. Having been in the market for more than 5 decades, they have served more than 15 million people.

USHEALTH Advisors provide insurance covers that are tailor-made for their customers. They have understood the need to provide unique products and services for their clients instead of offering one product or service to all their customers. This process of tailor making products has made them stand out from the rest in the insurance industry. Whenever they hire a new agent, they make sure that the agent is well trained and has the proper certification before they can pick up any representation of the company.

In 2013, USHEALTH Advisors were named one of the top companies when it came to customer service. Their customer service is excellent. They take time in advising their clients on the best products to choose based on what they need and what their budget is. Your general health, dental problems, life, accidents, and salary are all covered by this company. They cover a wide base and all their products are diversified in order to provide insurance covers for individuals, families, and companies as a whole. They come up with innovative products and services for their clients. With various products and exemplary client service, this company definitely stands out from the crowd. See more updates on Facebook.

Since the beginning, USHEALTH has prospered in creating and fostering good and long-term relationships with their clients. The relationships created have led to the expansion and growth of the company. USHEALTH Advisors not only provide affordable and reliable products but they also make their claim processes very simple for their clients. As the company continues to offer their dependable services, they are looking to expand further. They want to keep providing innovative solutions that are affordable, reliable and unique for their clients. They are determined to stay on top of the industry as they keep their clients happy through their customer service.

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