Doe Deere: Unashamed, Bold and Brazen

She is unashamed, bold and brazen. That’s the only way to describe the delightful and playful creator of Lime Crime makeup, Doe Deere. She came on the beauty scene in 2008 after refusing to accept, once and for all, the same old boring colors that had been around for years before she was even born. She was determined to change that. And change that, she certainly did.


Deere has developed the most deep, daring and brave colors on the market, today; colors so unapologetic, they give a sense of uninhibited freedom and expression when worn. Putting on makeup would no longer be a mundane, monotonous routine every day, but an art session in which your face is the canvass! Applying makeup can actually be something to look forward to in anticipation! There is no law that says colors can’t be loud! Therefore, you now have the option to be licentious and free to be who you want to be. This was Deere’s ultimate goal for Lime Crime, and she has certainly risen to the challenge!


We’ve discussed how Doe Deere has single–handedly changed makeup routines for her customers, but what about her own? What is her beauty routine all about? Well, it begins with organization and communication. She always stays stress-free by checking her calendar and communicating with her staff, front and foremost. Once that is squared away, she puts on music. She likes her music like she likes her makeup, beautiful and soul-moving. Then she begins her artwork.


Doe starts with a Glossier face wash-a mild scrub with a flowery scent. Then she applies a Murad-brand moisturizer, followed by an application of a Loreal or MAC foundation. Next, is setting the foundation with powder, followed by filling in eyebrows, cheeks and lips. Her favorite colors stem from her very own company’s array of choices: ‘Rustic’ to ‘Red Velvet’ to ‘Pink Velvet.’ She loves applying color, because in her own words, “color brings my face to life!” She prefers to take her shower at night, so her hair is clean, dry and ready to be styled by the morning.


One other thing is worth mentioning; Doe Deere never lets a day go by without showing her love and concern. Not only to her customers in the form of thoughtful and well-made products, but to her cats, Puffy Fluffles, and Chester Von Battingham, as well! This only goes to prove that she has a big heart. And it’s from this very same heart she pours her devotion from, to ensure her company is everything it can be an all that her customers deserve.


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How Did Brad Reifler Create His Success?

Breaking into the business world is a hard thing to accomplish and even harder to experience success. Brad Reifler is proof the with hard work and continued efforts that, although it is hard, it is possible. Brad Reifler has established a career that has given him more success than anyone could ever need, and he continues to expand his success to this day.

After he graduated from Bowdoin College he began to establish his career. Reifler Trading Company was the first successful company that he established. Over the almost 20 years that he controlled Reifler Trading Company he grew it into such a successful company that it was worth over a billion dollars.

Not only was his company worth so much money, but it also gave jobs to over 300 people and had bases in 4 countries. His company made such a name for itself that it was eventually bought by another company in 2000. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

In the year 2009, Brad Reifler made another business choice that would make him successful all over again. Forefront Capital, LLC is a large company that has many subsidiaries that engulf the entire finical industry. His company has unique offerings that draw in many people including Fortune 500 members.

Brad Reifler created Forefront Capital in the hopes of offering different products that would attract investors into his company. His hopes came reality and his company grew into something that many top investors take part in.

PR Newswire believes for sure that Brad Reifler has spent his career creating skills that he used to create his success. During his career, and continuing into today, he has made very wise business choices that have allowed him to become a force in the finical world. His continued focus on his business endeavors are something that are sure to bring him more success and wealth in the future.

Arthur Becker’s Journey to Greatness in Business

Arthur Becker is the Chairman and CEO of Zinio. He has a vast history in different application management services as well as in technology. According to Curbed, previously he invested in Vera Wang and Navisite Fashion company for several years. In spite of the fact that Becker has had much success over the years, the mystery of his success took very long to be solved. Fortunately, the mystery is now a thing of the past.

In the recent time, the successful business magnate invested in an excellent idea that was born in 2011. Besides being the CEO of several companies for many years, this venture has placed him at the forefront in both technology and the real estate world.

Becker has expanded his business in real estate to include Florida and New York, which has significantly expanded his scope and horizons.

The inspiration behind Becker’s idea came from working closely with the Vera Wang Fashion Company. While there he had the opportunity to learn lots about design and fashion.

Arthur Becker currently invests in residential developments; his work entails developing townhouses for people. It is, in fact, this venture which involves renovating and either selling or leasing the townhouses that have put him in the gossip circles across the globe.

His story dates back to February 2003 when he started working as the NaviSite’s CEO. He began Madison Partners in 2011 which is the real estate side of the business that he focuses on at the moment.

Unlike most startup companies of the day that may take several days without making significant returns from investments, Arthur’s venture had almost immediate profit. He notes with confidence that several investments in the technology side met his expectations. His most satisfying moment was that first reward after his initial successful private investment.

The graduate of Bennington College, Becker went to business school at Amos Tuck. Before his current job and status that has put him on the global map, Becker used to work as a photographer in the early 90’s. His other work focused on currency, an exploration of the meaning we give to money and how we relate that meaning. More details can be found on Inspirery.

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You May Be Able To Make a Request To a Correctional Facility To Have Securus Technologies Installed Into Its System(s) of Communications If It Hasn’t Already Been Installed

Securus Technologies is an innovative communications platform that is certainly breaking barriers in the world of technologically advanced forms of communications. If you’re wanting to see exactly what Securus Technologies might be able to offer you, it may be of value for you to know that it is currently being utilized mostly by inmates and their visitors. It’s a video conferencing program that has been designed in a way that it can be installed into the communicative systems of correctional facilities so that visitors of inmates can conveniently chat with inmates who are in confinement without being required to physically visit the correctional facilities they are confined in. It is a great benefit that’s helping both inmates and their visitors, not just one single party, as they may be able to chat with one another more frequently.


If you are wanting to see how you may be able to go about utilizing the program of Securus technologies, it’s recommended for you to see whether it has been installed in the communicative system of the correctional facility the inmate that you’re wanting to keep in touch with is in. If it hasn’t already been installed into that particular correctional facility’s communicative system yet, then you may have an opportunity of making a request to the communications department of the facility in which all you may need to do is ask them whether their communicative system(s) are capable of having the program integrated into it. Please feel free to speak with a customer service representative to see how you may be able to go about signing up for the program, as they’re always eager to assist anyone in any way that they possibly can. It’s a program that is certainly worthy of anyone’s attention, as it’s having a positive impact on lives.


Nine9 Gives Tips to Aspiring Models and Actors

Nine9, the world’s first “Unagency”, works to help aspiring models and actors. Nine9 was founded by Anthony Toma to help people who aren’t quite sure how to get their foot in the door.Nine9 offers expert opinions and photo shoots to help build the portfolio of struggling artists. Before going to a Nine9 photo shoot there are some things an artist should prepare for.

  1. Skin should be given time to heal. This means that any grooming, tanning, or waxing should be done a few days before the shoot. Remember to moisturize and get a good night sleep so skin is left healthy and happy for the shoot!
  1. Nine9 does not offer wardrobes so remember to pack a good wardrobe beforehand. All models should bring two more outfits than the number of looks they are scheduled for Nine9. Think colorful! All models should remember to bring accessories like belts, necklaces, and earrings. For child models, parents should feel free to bring costumes or uniforms for any clubs the child may belong too.
  1. Don’t worry about makeup. Makeup is done before the shoot and will be adjusted according to each style. Trust the professionals for this one; they know what they’re doing!
  1. Arrive with hair already done. Make sure braids or cornrows are freshly laid. Trim bangs so the eyes can be seen properly on camera. Do not wear a ponytail or anything that could add creases to the hair.
  1. Practice smiling, moving, and posing before the shoot. The camera person will act as a guide but they will not do the work for the best models.
  1. Be on time. Do not be on the phone during studio time as this is considered rude and unprofessional. Make sure to arrive 15 minutes early.
  1. Have fun! Also watch their You Tube video.

Alexandre Gama’s Successful Career In The Advertising Industry

Alexandre Gama is one of the most respected businessmen in the Brazilian advertising and communication industry. He has 35 years of experience in the industry both as a creative and as an executive. After starting his career in 1982 as a copywriter and creative, Alexandre Gama eventually advanced to being the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer at Young & Rubicam where he created a large number of effective advertising campaigns.

In 1999 Alexandre Gama decided to found his own advertising agency. He established Neogama and is still the CEO and CCO of the company. Among his most memorable ads is the one he created for Johnnie Walker which achieved international fame. This ad, called the Rock Giant campaign, led to his company being named the “Company of the Year” in 2013 by Diageo. He was also soon named to the Global Creative Board which is an international organization of advertising executives.


Jeremy Goldstein is a Prominent Member of the New York State Bar Association

The New York State Bar Association has offered an attorney referral service for more than three decades. The referral service matches individuals seeking an attorney with local lawyers according to their legal issues.


The New York State Bar Association has launched a free online service through its Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS), where potential clients can request an attorney referral. The new online portal is available 24 hours a day and was developed in partnership with, a national provider of software and other IT solutions for the legal industry. It’ll also work in conjunction with the LRIS telephone service. Thanks to the New York State Bar Association members of the public now have a more convenient way to find a lawyer according to their needs.


The online service is also available to individuals outside of New York who live in one of the 17 with a locally run lawyer referral service. LRIS will forward the request to a skilled attorney in the case of an individual living in a county absent of a locally run lawyer referral service. Both the State Bar Association and believe the bar’s new online portal has the potential to become the go-to online destination for consumers and businesses seeking to rely on New York law, for not just the nation but the entire globe.


The New York State Bar was founded in 1876 and has grown into largest voluntary state bar association in the U.S.


About Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein is the founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, a boutique law firm specializing in corporate law. He is a Preeminent member of the New York State Bar and is an expert in the field of M&A.


Goldstein received his law degree from New York University and graduated with distinction from Cornell University.


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Online Reputation Management, For Your Guaranteed Digital Safety

Web sites and social sites present the good and bad side of open communication. It can make or break you even without the slightest provocation from your known adversaries. The bad may be associated with disgraceful photos tagged on your social media pages or an attack from a raving customer review that sparks the beginning of your downfall.

What would you do in such extreme scenarios?

Most people spend hours on the internet mainly working or hanging around on social sites. There’s a disadvantage to excessive social media sharing, and we cannot justify how the world perceives us on the internet. Most of the content shared through emails or social sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pose a significant risk to your reputation. Internet phishing is on the rise these days. Your character could be easily tarnished in a flash, and you cannot take back that negative vibe once it’s out there, spreading like a virus. Online enthusiasts would call it “going viral.” How can you prevent this from happening?

By engaging internet police better known as online reputation managers. These techies are a little bit of everything combined. The managers act as your online PR, web makeover specialists, and tech experts. They assist in obliterating all the negative stuff in search results. They also promote positive content that highlights a client’s preferred image. Online reputation managers control client’s information posted on the internet. They remove bad career history or unwanted negative info like a medical past. They also delete truthful but old stories about you (info that can indeed dent your future) and only approve current active information.

Additionally, your online repute also generates major opportunities as a professional or as a brand. Be on the lookout for your standing in the digital space. Explore the well-deserved opportunities that you have created over the years out of the hard work that you put into it. You can also initiate your own positive public image by investing in incredible antivirus software for all your technology devices especially for your computer. Also, create a robust LinkedIn profile that displays your current roles including a positive biography.

Ensure that all your social sites contain real names and not some weird aliases.

Milestone Achievement For Investment Banking Firm Madison Street Capital

During the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards, Madison Street Capital, a global investment firm was announced as a finalist by the M&A Advisor. This is a prestigious award that honors the best performer in the financial industry. After Madison Street Capital facilitated the Acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A., it was nominated for “International and Industrial Deal of the Year (Under $100MM) category. The company was also nominated in the category of “Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year”.


According to the CEO and Founder of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway, the company continued with its excellent customer satisfaction by assisting their long term client Dowco during the process of Acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A. He continued to explain that the company’s team of professionals is dedicated and work round the clock in order to provide their clients with emerging business opportunities based on their specific needs for growth and expansion. Senior Managing Director at the company, Karl D’Cunha, also praised their achievement, and further stated that the deal contained complicated cross-border transaction, which enabled it to be recognized.


Overview of Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital specializes in financial advisory, valuation, financial opinions as well as M&A expertise. It is an international firm that provides services to both public and private entities. The objective of the company is to support their clients and enable them achieve great success in the global marketplace. The team of professionals at the company has exceptional skills and experience, hence making it one of the best investment banking firms across the world. The professionals at Madison Street Capital understand the importance of handling their clients based on their specific needs. The company has offices in North America, Asia and Africa, with headquarters located in Chicago, Illinois.


Indeed, it is obvious that Madison Street Capital reputation has enabled it to bring on board and serve clients from different parts of the world. Business owners planning for M&A, financial advisory, corporate governance, or a strategy to exit the market, then Madison Street Capital is ready to provide top and quality services across the entire investment banking industry. In addition to providing investment banking services, Madison Street Capital engage in philanthropic activities to support other organizations that work to improve the lives of communities. The investment firm has partnered with United Way, which work with other institutions like government agencies, schools, and voluntary organizations among others in order to change and improve lives of communities.


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Exploring French Wine: An Insight By UKV PLC

In a country enriched with a vast collection of exquisite wines such as France, identifying the appropriate wines may prove challenging, even to seasoned experts. To greenhorns, this undertaking may be overwhelming, if not nearly impossible. However, UKV PLC has come to the rescue.

The first step to becoming a wine expert is familiarizing yourself with the French appellation system. Contrary to conventional wines, French products are categorized according to the place of origin, rather than the species of grapes used in their production. UKV PLC recommends that prospective connoisseurs acquaint themselves with this strange naming system.

The French are well-known for their attention to detail, a characteristic that has made them go-to individuals in matters regarding wine. To them, the location from which wine is sourced is more important than the variety of grapes used. The climate of the vineyard’s location gives the wine its distinctive taste. Throughout France, there are numberless vineyards from which elegant wines are produced. However, like in any society, there are some outstanding names, which include;


Here, both red and white wines are accorded the same priority levels. Pinot noirs are used for making red wines, while Chardonnay grapes are the source of white wine. The Burgundy region has a long-held reputation for producing delicious, expensive and unique wines.


Contrary to popular belief, all bubbly wines are not champagne. Real champagne is sourced from north-eastern France. The other variants are known locally as crémant. The difference between these two is the method used for production.


UKV PLC is a firm which employs highly competent individuals to assists its clients in identifying the suitable wine for different occasions. By connecting with several suppliers, UKV PLC can find the most appropriate wine for any situation presented by a customer. The company is based in London, United Kingdom.