Matthew Fleeger Contribution to Sadie Kellers Foundation

Matthew Fleeger has decided to donate his resources to the Sadie Keller cancer foundation. Sadie Keller is not your ordinary eleven-year-old girl. Sadie was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia when she was barely 8 years old. The next couple of years were filled with infections, blood transfusions, chemotherapies, and side effects all of which abruptly interrupted her education. The experiences made her come out to address the scourge of cancer among children. She did not want any other child to go through the same suffering.

The last time she went for a chemotherapy treatment was in May 2017. She is a cancer warrior she battled the life-threatening disease at such a young age. This undying spirit of this young girl has made Matthew Fleeger donate his resources to support the young girls cause to fight this global scourge. Sadie a resident of Lantana in Texas feels that cancer has made her a more progressive and productive person.

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia is caused by overproduction of Lymphocytes. Over 15000 children are diagnosed with cancer every year. Cancer also doubles up as the leading cause of death among children and teenagers. Unfortunately, childhood cancers are not adequately funded. Sadie Keller foundation, therefore, seeks to spread awareness about cancer and ensure effective treatment of cancer victims especially children.

Matthew Fleeger wanted to help Sadie set new precedence with the Christmas Toy Drive. Matthew Fleeger is the chair and chief executive of Gulf Coast Western LLC. The company deals in mining and production of gas and oil with specific exploration on Wattenberg Field in Colorado. The company has vast experience in entrepreneurship with forays in waste management, tanning, and exquisite hotels. Matthew Fleeger mobilized his team and donated over fourteen thousand worth toys helping her reach the ambitious goal of 13000 toys. The donations were meant to give Christmas to kids that are battling cancer in DFW.