Malcolm CasSelle: WAX

Malcolm Casselle is well known for the role he has played in the success of several companies in the digital technology industry. His most recent role has been as president of worldwide asset exchange a digital currency platform that utilizes the ever increasingly popular technology of blockchain. In fact, the most notable thing that Malcolm Casselle has accomplished recently was the successful token sale for the company worldwide asset exchange where he generated $100 million in token sales.

Prior to his work on the Worldwide Asset Exchange, he has helped several other companies rise to prominence in their respective areas. He was the chief investment officer for OPSkins the number one marketplace for the purchase and sale of digital items and online video games. This was another example of the use of blockchain in the world of e-commerce. In this way, Worldwide Asset Exchange does not present Malcolm Casselle’s first foray into the industry of blockchain technology.

Malcolm Casselle was educated in the United States of America and attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he majored in computer science and was able to graduate with a bachelor’s degree before pursuing his Master’s degree in the same subject.

Malcolm Casselle’s most recent company worldwide asset exchange promises to revolutionize the way that virtual assets are traded. Worldwide Asset Exchange is a peer-to-peer marketplace that allows individuals to trade virtual assets using blockchain and decentralized smart contracts. This will allow individuals to cut out the middleman of various digital marketplaces and conduct business in a more efficient manner.

Malcolm Casselle states that the two largest issues of virtual asset trading are those of fragmentation and fraud. Worldwide asset exchange promises to alleviate both of these issues. Individuals around the world will be able to conduct business amongst each other seamlessly with the use of a single central common currency which will be called wax tokens. The use of blockchain technology and decentralized smart contracts will eliminate the issue of fraud as well. All in all Malcolm Casselle seems to be poised to revolutionize the entire industry of digital asset trading.