Luke Lazarus Offering Fresh Momentum to Businesses

 Early Successes

Luke Lazarus gives consultations to businesses starting up in the Melbourne area. Lazarus has already a steady stream of successes as far back as two decades. Luke Lazarus has been successfully building business plans, pointing toward growth areas startups can take while managing their growth. Lastly, Luke Lazarus gives fresh insights to startup CEOs on the southeastern coast of Australia.

Giving New Impetus to Business

Lazarus has been consulting the next steps businesses can make and helping them to prioritize these decisions to maximize growth and brand execution. Businesses need a partner that is able to consult them on how to take advantage of trajectories for growth that they have not considered while leading to the next phase in their brand development.  Read more: Luke Lazarus Profile | and Luke Lazarus| Medium

Luke Lazarus has been the person that enables businesses to identify, label, and define vital issues critical to success in today’s business.


Luke Lazarus graduated from Melbourne Business School and was awarded his MBA at the age of 24. Before he reached the age of 33. Luke Lazarus had already established four firms that were successful. Now, over a decade later, Luke Lazarus spends time with new businesses as well as waning companies.

He helps them identify issues that once worked on catapult these businesses to new levels of momentum towards their successful goals. Luke Lazarus understands his consultant business as someone who enters a business’ picture to clarify new areas of momentum and help them emerge with new plans and fresh projections of growth.

Putting Together a Viable Business Plan

Whatever business he consults Luke Lazarus helps them to launch new products along with redefining their vision and models, both financial and product. The key to a successful business plan is one that can be shared simply and thoroughly to investors, partners, customers, and employees.

Luke helps these re-emerging businesses to set their sights on business plans that are aligned with their product, brand, and story.

Luke Lazarus stresses the flexibility of business plans that allow for further growth while remaining simple enough that all parties easily understand how all the pieces integrate into a whole. His success proves he can pinpoint the heart of the brand and the integration that makes it a success story to tell thru their products.

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