Kim Dao Will Miss Her Host Family!

Kim Dao is a beauty and lifestyle vlogger. She makes videos on Youtube. Kim Dao is about to take the bullet train to Tokyo. She wraps up her packing so she can leave. She wants to see her host family one last time before she leaves. She is sad that she is leaving because she will not see her host family for awhile. They are like a second family to her. She enjoyed her stay. She has some breakfast. Learn more:


Kim Dao goes by her host family’s restaurant. She grabs something to eat for her trip. She relaxes and enjoys her ride on the bullet train. It didn’t feel like a long time. She arrives in Tokyo. Kim Dao has pizza and pasta for dinner.


It is a few days later and Kim Dao realized she didn’t end the last video when she began editing. She is just getting back from Osaka. Living in Tokyo was very stressful for her. Kim Dao enjoyed the getaway to another place outside of Tokyo. She wish she had chosen to spend more time there instead. They are more friendly there. She is packing and getting ready to leave Japan soon. Learn more:


Check out her video here.