Eva Moskowitz Takes A Swipe At The New York Times

It is a favored sport of politicians to take shots at the media. It polls well to dog the media, but it is not only politicians who feel that they need to do this sometimes. Everyday citizens also sometimes feel the need to take a shot at the media when they feel that it is treating them unfairly. That is the case for Eva Moskowitz when she recently felt that the New York Times was being unfair to her.

Eva Moskowitz is a school choice advocate and wants to see charter schools become more plentiful all throughout the country. She believes that they perform better than public schools and also give parents the option of where to send their children to. She has found some support in this belief from people of all different political leanings. Lately, she has found that meeting with Republicans may be more fruitful to her mission at the moment.

When Eva Moskowitz took meetings with Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan and other Republican leaders, she felt that the New York Times unfairly went after her. Eva Moskowitz says that they described it as her taking sides and even abandoning her own party. That is not at all how she felt about the situation, and Eva Moskowitz says that it is a sad day when simply talking to the other side makes you some kind of traitor.