Duda Melzer Is Among the Most Successful Entrepreneurs in Brazil

Like other members of their family, Duda Melzer is not different coming from an entrepreneurial family. Part of the Sirotsky family forms vital figure within the business world. Presently, Duda Melzer is the chairman of the directors’ board and the leader of RBS Group a company situated in Santa Catarina and the Rio Grande do Sul states. Duda Melzer is the founder and chairman of e.Bricks Digital, the RBS firm that has put resources in business development within the digital industry and operated in the United States and Brazil. Visit Clicrbs for more info.

Duda Melzer has streamlined his profession since his graduation at the age of 26 where he pursued his degree from PUCRS (the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul). To date, Duda has two executive courses and MBA (Masters of Business Degree) from Harvard Business School. Before he united with Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer in the year 2004 where he played the role of RBS Grou’s National Market Director General, Duda started his profession in North America. At Delphi Corporation, he became the Senior Financial Analyst in 2002 and the director general at BoxTop Media, a non-traditional media company just the same year he joined hands with Family Communication Network, in the United States.

Duda started his profession in Brazil operating in the franchising and financial market where he became the master franchisor at multinational Sweet Sweet Way in addition to taking part in the Booz Allen & Hamilton projects. It is at Harvard Business School he pursued courses in Effective Strategies for Media Companies. Duda also plays the role of speaker in national and international forums such as those endorsed by WAN-Ifra (World Association of Newspapers & News Publishers). Since he took the leadership of RBS Group as CEO, the dream of the organization propelled his interests in involve in active affairs management by working with different employees.

Check out his website eduardosirotskymelzer.com

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