Doe Deere: Unashamed, Bold and Brazen

She is unashamed, bold and brazen. That’s the only way to describe the delightful and playful creator of Lime Crime makeup, Doe Deere. She came on the beauty scene in 2008 after refusing to accept, once and for all, the same old boring colors that had been around for years before she was even born. She was determined to change that. And change that, she certainly did.

Deere has developed the most deep, daring and brave colors on the market, today; colors so unapologetic, they give a sense of uninhibited freedom and expression when worn. Putting on makeup would no longer be a mundane, monotonous routine every day, but an art session in which your face is the canvass! Applying makeup can actually be something to look forward to in anticipation! There is no law that says colors can’t be loud! Therefore, you now have the option to be licentious and free to be who you want to be. This was Deere’s ultimate goal for Lime Crime, and she has certainly risen to the challenge!

We’ve discussed how Doe Deere has single–handedly changed makeup routines for her customers, but what about her own? What is her beauty routine all about? Well, it begins with organization and communication. She always stays stress-free by checking her calendar and communicating with her staff, front and foremost. Once that is squared away, she puts on music. She likes her music like she likes her makeup, beautiful and soul-moving. Then she begins her artwork.

Doe starts with a Glossier face wash-a mild scrub with a flowery scent. Then she applies a Murad-brand moisturizer, followed by an application of a Loreal or MAC foundation. Next, is setting the foundation with powder, followed by filling in eyebrows, cheeks and lips. Her favorite colors stem from her very own company’s array of choices: ‘Rustic’ to ‘Red Velvet’ to ‘Pink Velvet.’ She loves applying color, because in her own words, “color brings my face to life!” She prefers to take her shower at night, so her hair is clean, dry and ready to be styled by the morning.

One other thing is worth mentioning; Doe Deere never lets a day go by without showing her love and concern. Not only to her customers in the form of thoughtful and well-made products, but to her cats, Puffy Fluffles, and Chester Von Battingham, as well! This only goes to prove that she has a big heart. And it’s from this very same heart she pours her devotion from, to ensure her company is everything it can be an all that her customers deserve.

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