Hussain Sajwani Succeeds in the Real Estate Business

Hussain Sajwani is the founder of the DAMAC Group. He is the chairman and also acts as the CEO of the company. Hussain Sajwani has a humble background only hidden by his current status. He was born to a middle-class family back in the year 1954. Besides the family’s low level of life, it centered lifestyle and was hardworking. His father was a shop owner that dealt with watches and pens. Hussain Sajwani’s father spent little time with the family because his focus was on the success of his business and family. His mother was as well very hardworking in selling fabric and some other household goods to help in finances of the house.


Despite his father’s desire for him to work at the shop, Hussain Sajwani ignored and went on to pursue a formal education to enable him to fulfill his life’s ambition. He went on to join a medical institution in Bagdad with the help of a government scholarship. However, he failed to complete his studies. Hardship was the lesson he learned from the exposure in his father’s business, and this encouraged him on to leave aside what his father wanted and follow his entrepreneurial dreams.


In the year 2002, the DAMAC owner was able to put up the DAMAC Group which is a real estate business dealing with residential, commercial and leisure properties. The company has it’s headquartered in Dubai. From the decree by the government that allowed foreigners to own real estate, the company was founded to sell units to the foreigners. DAMAC Group became first from the Middle East to appear in the London stock exchange owing to its high success. The company has expanded wings in the project to Asia and Europe.


DAMAC Hill is one of the major projects by the company. The project comprises of golfing family community located in Dubai. It covers a total of forty-two million square feet and houses luxury apartments, villas, townhouses and mansions Trump Branded golf courses are also the major projects by the company. Trump-DAMAC Group collaboration started a long time before Donald Trump came to power. Hussain Sajwani family works closely with that of Donald Trump. The inauguration of the Trump International Golf Course occurred in 2017.


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Jason Halpern’s JMH Development Announces Topping off at Aloft South Beach

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

JMH Development is real estate development company based in Brooklyn. For the enterprise, they delight in the creation of high-end projects to be adopted on a massive scale. For this reason, they have made themselves a name that cannot be paralleled in the industry. Jason Halpern is the CEO and Chairman of the JMH Development. According to him, he is determined to develop a world-class company adopted for their magnificent work in the industry. For over two decades of professional experience, JMH Development has served in the development of commercial and real estate properties in the country.

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner at Aloft

Jason Halpern has also announced that the company has reached the topping off of the Southern Aloft beach. This is one of the newly constructed buildings in the south of Miami Beach. The South Aloft Beach is an innovation capability stated in the development of this region. The 235-room hotel is set to be open by the end of 2015. For this reason, JMH Development has to work hard to ensure they finish the construction process of the company by the end of this schedule. For this reason, JMH Development acquired the services of the Madden Real Estate Company as one of the most adaptive uses of the Motel Ankara. The company is set to assist JMH Development in the actual development of the building. Furthermore, JMH Development has also worked to attain better business management in a manner that is not predicted in the industry. They also went ahead and contracted Plaza Construction Company to assist them in the actual construction process sin the building.

Jason’s Own Time

JMH Development also sat down and calculated the time taken to finish this project. When they realized that they would return to confirm whether the construction adhered to the actual development of the project, they thought about dividing responsibilities. For this reason, they have seen many innovation capabilities in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. The company contracted ADD Architectures to ensure they keep up with the traditional design of the construction. The South Aloft beach is one of the latest models of hotel development in the region. It will, therefore, be adopted on a massive scale. They also offered larger rooms to average 360-square-feet as compared to their competitors.

According to Jason Halpern, he was so excited to announce that JMH Development has reached the topping off of the South Aloft Beach. While this is true, they also consider that this is a signal of the next phase of construction as they approach the completion of the structure by the end of 2015. The South Aloft Beach has access to the Pancoast Lake water and numerous art galleries. You will never miss anything in this structure.