Luke Lazarus Offering Fresh Momentum to Businesses

 Early Successes

Luke Lazarus gives consultations to businesses starting up in the Melbourne area. Lazarus has already a steady stream of successes as far back as two decades. Luke Lazarus has been successfully building business plans, pointing toward growth areas startups can take while managing their growth. Lastly, Luke Lazarus gives fresh insights to startup CEOs on the southeastern coast of Australia.

Giving New Impetus to Business

Lazarus has been consulting the next steps businesses can make and helping them to prioritize these decisions to maximize growth and brand execution. Businesses need a partner that is able to consult them on how to take advantage of trajectories for growth that they have not considered while leading to the next phase in their brand development.  Read more: Luke Lazarus Profile | and Luke Lazarus| Medium

Luke Lazarus has been the person that enables businesses to identify, label, and define vital issues critical to success in today’s business.


Luke Lazarus graduated from Melbourne Business School and was awarded his MBA at the age of 24. Before he reached the age of 33. Luke Lazarus had already established four firms that were successful. Now, over a decade later, Luke Lazarus spends time with new businesses as well as waning companies.

He helps them identify issues that once worked on catapult these businesses to new levels of momentum towards their successful goals. Luke Lazarus understands his consultant business as someone who enters a business’ picture to clarify new areas of momentum and help them emerge with new plans and fresh projections of growth.

Putting Together a Viable Business Plan

Whatever business he consults Luke Lazarus helps them to launch new products along with redefining their vision and models, both financial and product. The key to a successful business plan is one that can be shared simply and thoroughly to investors, partners, customers, and employees.

Luke helps these re-emerging businesses to set their sights on business plans that are aligned with their product, brand, and story.

Luke Lazarus stresses the flexibility of business plans that allow for further growth while remaining simple enough that all parties easily understand how all the pieces integrate into a whole. His success proves he can pinpoint the heart of the brand and the integration that makes it a success story to tell thru their products.

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How Gustavo Martinez Used His Experience to Market His Company

Gustavo Martinez is an influential entrepreneur who worked in the marketing and advertising industry for a very long time. For the last 35 years, the investor established a legacy that made him envy among many people. Moreover, he used his experience to manage vital firms in business.

While the entrepreneur demonstrated his prowess to many people, he created iconic advertisements that were vital in the pop-culture. Besides, he worked at the famous J.Walter Thompson Worldwide as the Chief Executive Officer. Gustavo Martinez also led the marketing department at McCann Worldgroup while in the position of the president.

During the period, he helped Mather and Olgivy companies to establish excellent results. At that time, the two companies were vulnerable; hence they could not produce enough outcome. Before he joined the company, the investor worked art Price Waterhouse and Henkel companies.

However, some analysts were determined to find out the secrets behind the success of Gustavo Martinez. So, they engaged him in an interview where he shed some light on his experience in the marketing field. Through the discussion, the entrepreneur shared his vision on his success in the marketing industry.

The entrepreneur’s views on marketing

Gustavo Martinez handled the aspect of consultation in an efficient manner. For instance, he refers to some independent contractors that are willing to help the construction industry to improve their services as efficient contractors. Due to operational and strategic services, they provide excellent services that assist the consumers to transmit their services to other individuals. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Ideamesh and Gustavo Martinez | Tumblr

Thus, for the previous century, the consultancy industry has helped many marketers to conduct their services well. Before he commenced his company, Gustavo Martinez was a consultant in one of the consultancy companies. He advises other aspiring entrepreneurs to be creative in their prospects before engaging in the marketing industry.

Other industries

Even though other industries use a different strategy in the management of their activities, the process is usually well-established, refined, and perfect. Furthermore, most businesses employ reliable workers because they can execute their duties effectively. Hence, they help the company to grow faster because they are used to a repetitive process in their jobs.

However, the marketing industry applies some vital business elements in the management of its activities. Thus, Gustavo Martinez specialized in such components enabling his career to snowball. Through his experience in marketing, he rose in various ranks to become the best administrator in his company.


Moreover, Gustavo Martinez insists that raw creativity is vital in the marketing industry. During the recruitment exercises, the management usually considers pure talent among the workers. For example, when they are employing the graduates, the administrators look generally for creative geniuses in them.

Vijay’s message to Higher Learning Institutions and the Graduates

Datuk Seri Vijay Eswaran is a QI Executive chairman who is greatly concerned with the current education system that only teaches on job seeking. Vijay’s strong message is for the graduates to be encouraged to be job creators and not job seekers.

Vijay says that it is the conservative thinking that often leads many graduate students into working for someone before they venture out on their own into gaining work experience. He inspires graduates to be risk takers in job creation rather than be job seekers who are always locked into one chain or the other. Read more: Dr. Vijay Eswaran – Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies

During a student’s forum at the University of Malaya, Vijay expressed his concern on the fast moving of the world and the jobs being taken over by the artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation, even as the world population increases.

Speaking about the Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, and the South Koreans, Vijay says that they are however willing to first gain experience, be their own bosses and create jobs as they lure others to work for them. For first-time job seekers, Vijay advises that they seek for posts matching their qualifications. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

Graduates should either choose to work for a start-up or an established firm. The decisions taken should be under careful consideration of the pros and cons of the work environment and also how it will suit the preferences and the personalities.

Vijay honestly points out that no one will find it easy even on the other side of the bridge. There are still going to be complaints. Vijay says that it is crucial to have a good understanding of the business development cycle from the start until it reaches a corporate level.

When students sign up to work for a startup, Vijay advises that they should enter into a psychological contract and push on their vision. He shares his personal experience working in a startup where there was free communication and a lot of actions as compared to the more structured and established the corporate environment.

Vijay admonishes graduates to consider factors that will help them work toward achieving their goals. He challenges the graduate to determine ways that will be best for them and their careers.