Fly Into The Fagali’I Airport And Stay At Beautiful Hotels

The Fagali’I Airport is a small airport located on the beautiful Samoan island of Upolu. The airport services the Fagali, which is a small community of just over a thousand residents. Located near the airport is the Royal Samoan Golf Course and the capital of Samoa Apia. This means that one can enjoy the smaller community, or travel over to the larger city of thirty-four thousand to enjoy the city.

The Fagali’I Airport receives regular service from three different planes. Travel to the airport is on a shuttle flight basis with planes flying multiple times per week. This makes planing a trip to the small airport easy, and allows for one to access the island from the shuttle flights that fly between various islands of Polynesia.


The Fagali’I Airport is located near a number of hotels. Because of Samoa’s vibrant tourism industry there are several resort style hotels according to The Taumeasina Island Resort is a beach front villa style hotel located just over a kilometer from the airport. This resort features oceanside hotel rooms and villas. The hotel offers a bar, free breakfast, pool with hot tub, and easy access to the golf course.

The Fagali’I Airport even offers access to hotels at very low rates. Because of the exchange rate, and beautiful nature of the island, these hotels are apartment style accommodations. It is possible to rent an apartment style hotel room for less than fifty USD. One of these hotels is the Samoa Sports Lodge located less than a mile from the Fagali’I Airport.

A middle range hotel is the Tanoa Tusitala Hotel. This hotel allows guests to book deluxe king rooms where quests can walk right out onto the beach. On, the hotel is located inside of a beautiful cove, and it has two restaurants while offering a free breakfast buffet. The hotel is located only two kilometers from the Fagali’I Airport.

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