Bringing New Life and Innovation to the Fashion Industry: Glenn Schlossberg’s Jump Design Group

The recent acquisition of Cathy Daniels, a moderate sportswear company for women shows Jump Design Group’s commitment to helping revitalize the fashion industry. Cathy Daniels apparel has been around for over 40 years. The company first registered as Eccobay in 1972 by Herbert L. Chestler. His sons, Steve and Danny Chestler launched Cathy Daniels brand of women’s clothing in 1984. Jump Design Group’s acquisition of Cathy Daniel’s brand wasn’t because the brand was falling to attract customers. It was instead to help bring new life to this unique brand.


Glenn Schlossberg provides the driving force behind the revitalization of Cathy Daniel’s customer base. Schlossberg believes that innovation should be encouraged at all levels of his organization. His passion is creating high-quality fashion at compatible prices. New technological advances helped his organization enhance fashion lines such as Cathy Daniels. It is important not to overstep, but to encourage young people who are eager to get into the fashion industry. His mentorship and influence have generated excitement in the future of fashion.


A complete revitalization of the fashion industry will take some time. Schlossberg’s willingness to embrace the new innovations in technology while still maintaining the quality that customers come to expect speaks volumes to both the companies that he acquired and to their loyal customer base.


It is important to remember that customer loyalty isn’t something to be trifled with on a whim. Jump Design Group is very cognizant that consumer confidence in a product stems from how responsive a company is in making sure the customers’ needs are met and exceeded. The employees of Jump Design group pride themselves in creating high-quality American made fashion quickly. The emphasis is on high-quality materials. Check out



According to PR Newswire, the main core of what Jump Design Group does for organizations involves creating an infrastructure that can withstand market changes. In Cathy Daniel’s acquisition, for example, the main thrust was to change up the back end of the product cycle without changing the unique customer brand that customers are used to seeing both online and offline. One of the biggest challenges is to bring companies up-to-speed with technology.