The Hard Work of Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert has at various times served as Production Manager at General Motors, CEO of United Technologies, and advisor for Goldman Sachs. Chenevert is clear that the secret of his success has been having a vision and always being willing to work hard to achieve that vision. And he knows what it is like to work for everything you get. He was born to a relatively lower-middle-class family in Montreal, Quebec in 1958. He formed a vision of business and entrepreneurship during his early formative years. After graduating high school, he set to work on that vision by attending and graduating from the University of Montreal’s HEC Montreal Business School with a degree in Production Management.

After his higher education, he entered his production management position with General Motors in St. Therese, Quebec. He was hired by Guy Hachey with whom he closely worked for several years to streamline the company’s production system. They did so well that at their the company was producing one vehicle every minute. Hachey eventually ascended to become president and COO of Bombardier Aerospace. After he did so, Chenevert also ascended to bigger and better things. By the time he left, Chenevert had served in the auto industry for 14 years.

While he loved serving in the auto industry, it was only one step in his overall vision. When the time for the industry jump came, it was from the auto industry to the aerospace industry. So in 1993, he joined the team of Pratt & Whitney Canada, an aircraft engine manufacturer. P&W is the Canadian division of the U.S.-based Pratt & Whitney. In 1996 he moved to the U.S. to become its vice president of operations. His tenure in this role was most noteworthy for cutting manufacturing costs by 10 percent and substantially speeding up the assembly line for engine manufacture.

Ara Chackerian’s contributions to the healthcare industry

Passion is the driving force for many innovators. People develop ideas every day but what drives them to act on the idea is passion. That is the case for one successful serial investor called Ara Chackerian. With a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Marketing from the University of the State of Florida, Ara Chackerian has gone on to do amazing things in the healthcare industry.




Ara Chackerian’s career journey




After getting his degree in 1991, Ara has spent more than two decades investing in and building companies in the healthcare field. His interest is mostly on technology in that field. Some of the companies that he has partaken in their establishment are; BMC Diagnostics which provides imaging services, Embion, which also goes by the name provider links and Pipeline RX. His experience also earned him positions in the boards of healthcare companies that are in their early stages like Mint Medical Education and Pipeline RX just to name a few. Most of the companies that he has worked with are located in the San Francisco environs. You can checkout for more info.





Chackerian’s most recent endeavor is the establishment and operation of TMS Health Solutions.




Ara Chackerian and TMS Health solution




With decades of experience in the industry, Chackerian sought to surge into a sector of health care that he had not been involved in before, Psychiatry. In collaboration with his partner of many years, he decided to explore the idea of outpatient psychiatry space. The two came up with the transcranial magnetic stimulation, a device that would be able to treat depression. The two arrived on this form of treatment after a lot of research and the realization that it would be possible to build an out-patient diagnostic radiology center to cater for the same. This treatment, paired with talk therapy as well as medication proved to be very successful in treating depression, earning TMS an FDA approval in see more visit





TMS Solutions has several facilities around the areas of Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay. Each of these facilities is built on a 3000 square foot land which accommodates space for consultation and treatment areas.








Other than health-tech, Ara Chackerian is also passionate about environmental causes. He is an investor in the Limonapa Teak, JUMA, and CREA, ventures that aim at the restoration of the teak plantation and youth development respectively. To see more visit




Talkspace Online Therapy Application

Talkspace is a mobile platform that connects users with licensed therapists. It is a great platform for families that require a new spark of motivation to increase positive feelings and relieve the tension in the existing relationship. This application will help you connect with licensed, dedicated and experienced therapists for on-demand, audio, private and video chart therapy anytime and anywhere. You will get all these on your smartphone, web browser or in the palm of your hand.

Talkspace Partnership with Michael Phelps

Talkspace has been on the market for a short period of time, but it has already made a significant impact in the lives of many individuals. The primary focus of the application is to provide its potential customers with an online therapy platform. The founder member of the institution was Oren Frank, and the application has been doing great things for its customers. Recently, the Talkspace organization announced that it will have a partnership deal with Michael Phelps so that the company may provide the much needed mental care to individuals who need it.

While speaking about the partnership to the international community, Oren Frank, the Talkspace CEO said that the new partnership with Phelps would feature the United States national TV campaign. He will use this platform to speak about his personal experiences and encourage more individuals and those who are affected to speak about their mental health. The platform will also address the benefits of having a therapy platform. Michael Phelps has dealt with many personal issues and depression in the past, and just like other individuals in the business sector, he chose not to share his problems. But with the help of specialists such as Oren Frank, employees will have a great future.

Talk Space Recent News

Recent Talkspace news at CNN state that approximately 46 million Americans had mental issues and illnesses in the year 2011 but only a few sought treatments. The main barriers to seeking mental illness treatment include time commitment, stigma, and the cost. This application aims to eradicate those barriers. Also, the application is expanding its services and operation with the plans to start prescribing medication to app customers.

Vijay Eswaran Highly Skilled Entrepreneur and Author

If you are interested in or involved in the world of MLM, then you must already know about Vijay Eswaran, who is one of the prolific leaders and entrepreneurs in the world of multi-level marketing. He has achieved tremendous success in the field and has been able to provide millions of people across the globe with a dream to live their life without any financial worries.

The QI Group of Companies that he founded in 1998 has expanded to many different industries in the past few years, including luxury products, travel, telecommunication, and much more. Vijay Eswaran believes that it is necessary for the people to understand the inner workings of a multi-level marketing business to achieve success in the field. The company also provides training courses and programs to its members to be able to understand how to market and present the various products of the company to be able to achieve more sales and increase their income in progress.

Vijay Eswaran is not only known for being a successful businessman and entrepreneur but is also a well-known orator and writer. Many of his books have been best-selling worldwide, including Two Minutes from the Abyss, In the Sphere of Silence, On the Wings of Thought, and a few others. In most of his books, Vijay Eswaran has written about how a person can be a good leader and what are the qualities that a good leader must possess. He says that to achieve success in just any field, one has to be willing to sacrifice as well as commit themselves to growth. It is what would help you stay determined and focused on your goal. Reassessing your goals from time to time and ensuring that you are keeping your team motivated at the same time is essential as well. Vijay Eswaran continues to lead the QI Group of Companies to achieve new heights of success.

Invest with Southridge Capital

Southridge Capital is a private equity firm that provides services to their clients including investment banking and securities brokerage account services.

Stephen Hicks is the Chief Executive Officer as well as the founder of Southridge Capital. He helped the business expand and make sure all of the operations are running smoothly. He founded this company back in 1996 while working at a New York hedge fund company. He took the principal ideas and what he learned at this organization to start his own company. Each day Hicks sits down with his staff and they review what they are looking to accomplish for the day. They want to work on new business opportunities as well as making sure everything is going well with their existing investments.

According to PR Newswire, Hicks is looking to have Southridge Capital enter a new field for investment. He is excited about the world of cryptocurrency and is looking to invest in this new form of currency. He does a great deal of research on cryptocurrency to get an understand of this new industry and how to invest in it to make a nice profit.

As an entrepreneur Hicks have learn some things during his time at Southridge Capital. He realized that every deal is not going to make a person rich and how to recover from some of the poor investments. These opportunities of the past have become learning experiences and how not to make these mistakes again in the future. He has also learned to do fewer deals and focus on the return investment. If a deal has gone bad it is not worth investing in again.

Southridge Capital is looking to help their clients make money and enjoy a nice profit on their investments. They use their knowledge of the market to make sure their existing accounts are stable and to be on the lookout for future opportunities. You can visit their Facebook page


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Dr Eric M. Forsthoefel, The Emergency Man

The world of today is full of the unknown. No one has the slightest hint of what will happen in the next hour or even minute, all we can do is just guess. However, everyone wants and desires when sooner or later that moment of bad lack or emergency comes, they will be under good hands. There are no better hands in Florida to handle a patient than those in Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Hospital. The team of Emergency doctors that include; Dr. Marcus Willit, Dr. Bansidas Agravat, Dr. William Miller and many more will faithfully and professionally take care of your emergency needs. However, there is one doctor that stands out among his peers and he goes by the name Dr. Eric M. Forsthoefel.

He is a doctor with a 6-year experience in the emergency room. You might think the experience is very little but wait until you meet Dr. Eric M. Forsthoefel. He oozes professionalism and determination, always there to listen to his patients. It does not matter if they speak English or they are speaking in Spanish because the doctor can speak both fluently.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is one man that has been taught and trained in Louisiana. He was first taught in Louisiana State University School of Medicine in Shreveport, where he finally graduated in 2012. The Doctor went on to commit his time and energy in doing his residency at Louisiana State University.

The doctor has received several certifications and license. Some of the certificates received by Dr. Eric M. Forsthoefel include that from the American Board of Emergency Medicine. The doctor also has a license from Louisiana State Medical License and also another one from Florida Medical.

The doctor is one with a good heart and ready to be there for his patients. The hospital he works in accepts three different insurance plans. These plans include Aetna, Medicare and first health also known as Coventry Health Care.

Emergency medicine is the technology to help save lives and Eric M. Forsthoefel is the conduit. I hope when that ‘day’ finally arrives you will meet the great doctor.

How Robert Deignan Has Built His Expertise in the Dynamic Technology Business

Robert Deignan has been in the tech industry for two decades. He had a burning desire to own a business and perform entrepreneurship roles after his graduation from the Purdue University in 1995. With a high-class degree in Business Management specializing in Organizational Leadership, Deignan had the right tools to start his career.

Early Ventures

Deignan’s first taste in business was in 1998 when he co-founded the Fanlink Company. This venture was only three years after leaving college. The decision was informed by his desire to poke his nose in the business world, and learn various tricks of the technology business. Sure enough, his first venture laid a proper foundation for his next business steps.

After a short stint in Fanlink, he proceeded to a software company dealing with broad technology issues. The company, iS3, would be his stepping point to co-founding his current company. His love for technology influenced the move of Deignan to iS3, and he saw the company provide custom tech services to its customers.

By August 2011, having co-founded a firm and heading another one as a Vice President, Robert Deignan saw it reap to build another business. At this point, he had in-depth knowledge of the technology sector that helped him in his leadership role at ATS Digital Services Company.

Career at ATS

Since 2011, Deignan has been the CEO of ATS Digital Services LLC. He used his wealth of expertise to build high-end services for tech clients. He is passionate about quality customer service, and thereby, the company uses the best tools to satisfy customers. Besides, the team at ATS comprises of experts in various technological sectors like mobile devices, building a home network, connectivity issues, and other digital areas.

What Drives His Career?

Indeed, a career in the tech industry is demanding. The market is continuously changing as new gadgets and systems are regularly developed. Thus, Robert Deignan commits himself to constant learning and adapting to the changing market. In addition, he remains determined to provide client-centered services that impress the customers. It is the same commitment in business that has seen him succeed in personal interests like the Silver Sailfish Derby.

The End Citizens United Battle Has Just Begun

The Supreme Court has the power to drastically change the lives of the United States citizens based on the court’s interpretation of the law. Eight years ago, the court upheld a decision that continues to have a drastic impact on how corporations and politics interact. The Citizens United case is sure to have long-term consequences due to the Court’s ruling in 2010.

The decision is deeply controversial. Political organizations are raising arms to overturn the decision. As a result, an organization called End Citizens United was established in 2015 to meet these challenges.

The End Citizens United battle is the result of the film Hillary: The Movie. The film was released in during the 2008 democratic presidential preliminaries. The main premise of the film was to attack Hillary Clinton and her career. After the film’s airing, the FEC determined the video was essentially a campaign ad against Hilary Clinton.


Since the film was determined to be an ad, the FEC required Citizen United to release the funding source. However, the organization refused to reveal the source of funding. In fact, Citizens United sued to have the ruling overturned. Under the first stage of the battle, a federal court decided to hold the FEC decision. However, in a controversial decision two years later, the United States Supreme Court overturned the ruling. Drastically changing the political climate of the United States. This ruling ended a century long separation between corporations and politics. As a result, corporations now have First Amendment rights based on the United States Constitution.

This created a new chapter on how corporations interacted with the political environment. Essentially, allowing corporations to contribute anonymously and unlimitedly to political campaigns. With corporate funding, pollical TV and Radio ads are expected to increase. Analyst also believe this decision can be extremely beneficial to the Republican Party. The organization has a large resource of corporations who have leadings toward the party. Corporations such as the Walton Family (Walmart), Koch brothers (Koch Industries) and Betsy Devos (Amway). These companies are expected to contribute millions of dollars to Republican campaigns.

Nevertheless, End Citizens United is determined to counter these changes. Organizations continue to voice their dissatisfaction with the ruling. End Citizens United is focusing on raising a grass root effort to counteract the corporate funding. These funding sources are expected to erode any negative consequences of the Supreme Court ruling. Even though the decision has been decided the battle has just begin with End Citizens United. We have yet to see the full impact of the ruling.

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Logan Stout Uses His Understanding of Fitness and Nutrition to Start His Business

     Logan Stout is someone who is not only physically fit but is also very agile when it comes to his mentality. He is very passionate about an active and healthy life. Given his passion, he has learned a lot about what is needed to maintain a great level of fitness. He has also learned about what is necessary to run a successful business. This is one of the factors that have led to the success of his business called IDLife. He has taken his understanding to come up with some products that are going to have a profound effect on people.

One thing that Logan Stout understands is that body chemistry is very important. People are going to respond to different diets in different ways as it depends on the individual. This is one of the reasons that many diets seem to work for one person, but seem to fail most other people. IDLife is designed to help people find their own body chemistry and then find a diet that is going to help them make the progress they want. More people are going to be successful in their attempts to lose weight and sculpt their bodies. This can help people regain their self worth.

One of the common concerns that people have when it comes to their weight is having to deal with their feelings about their body. Another thing they have to deal with is how they are going to be ready for their event that they want to show off their body at. Losing weight is such a huge struggle for people who are desperate to lose their weight so that they can get back into their favorite outfit that they felt used to make them look really good. Fortunately, Logan Stout makes sure that people have something that is going to help them shed off the extra fat.

The Impressive Story of Saad Saad

Saad Saad is not a new name in the medical profession. This is actually one of the most respected medical professionals who has served the world for more than forty five years. Saad has been practicing his career in America for a long time, and he has served as a pediatric surgeon for many patients. Due to his career accomplishments, Saad Saad has been given the responsibility of conducting very sensitive procedures on young people. In his career, the doctor says that he has successfully completed thousands of medical procedures, and most of them turned out to be just fine because of his expertise. Before booking a patient for any medical procedure, the doctor says that he takes a lot of rest so that he can be energetic and fresh for the complicated medical treatments.


The success under the belt of the doctor did not come on a silver platter. Saad Saad is not an American born surgeon. Several years ago, Saad was offered an opportunity to work for Saudi Royal. Because he could speak in English and Arabic so well, the doctor was qualified for the prestigious position, and this is how he ended up in the United States. Many years later, the medical professional is happy because he has managed to accomplish so much and also changed his name for the better. His family has been living in this country for a long time, and they have together changed many lives. Saad Saad has been certified to work as pediatric surgeon in the United States, a qualification that doesn’t come the easily.


In a recent interview, Saad Saad spoke about his journey to success and the number of sacrifices he has been forced to make so that he can achieve whatever he has at the moment. When he was born decades ago, Saad Saad had to live in humble backgrounds because his family did not own a lot of wealth. His siblings were fortunate in their education, and they gave him the motivation he needed to work in school. Saad always knew that he wanted to become an engineer like his elder brothers. Due to the poverty the family was subjected in, Saad knew that the only way he could enjoy life was working hard in school and laying a great foundation. Learn more:


One day, when Saad was visiting his elder brothers at work, he realized that their working conditions were too tough. The heat was out of this world. Despite the amount they were earning, Saad decided that he was not going to follow this career path, and this is why he ended up as a doctor. Saad wanted to work in an environment that had air conditioners and other luxurious features, and that could only be enjoyed by a surgeon. Many years later, Saad has appreciated his career path, and he is happy with the milestones he has been accomplishing in medicine. Saad decided to retire just recently, but he has left a legacy that will be remembered.