A Review Of The Delicious EOS Lip Balm Product Line

EOS Lip Balm has a reputation as one of the best smelling and most aesthetically pleasing lip balms on the market. The egg-shaped container and vibrant flavors are both essential to the brand and two of the brand’s most noticeable attributes. How does it stack up to the competition in use, though? Is it really all that it’s cracked up to be? Well, yes it is and this review will show why that is the case.

The Attractive Packaging

Most lip balms come in a basic tube with a twist knob to adjust the actual product. Besides the occasionally fancy label, the average lip balm isn’t much different in cosmetic terms than a traditional tube of chapstick. EOS goes beyond that standard and packs each of their delicious balms in an egg-shaped, plastic, pop apart container. The packaging is pleasing to the eye and surprisingly comfortable in the hand. Besides the unusual shape, the containers are also colored in a pleasing pastel palette.

The Elaborate Scents

Usually, lip balms either smell of wax, or they have a slightly pleasing odor. EOS manages to pack a ton of scent into their balms. The scents aren’t overly powerful. They just smell amazing and they almost fit the bill for a perfume. The scent of an EOS lip balm is renown and for good reason.

An Almost Hunger Inducing Flavor

EOS does something a lot of lip balms can’t. They make their balms so flavorful that some users actually crave it and consider eating it. While that’s not the recommended way to use an EOS lip balm, it’s definitely good to have something that tastes delicious

on your lips.

Consistent Use

EOS isn’t a super balm that will heal all of the cracks in the user’s lips instantly. However, it’s extremely gentle and smooth. A lot of other balms feel like cake on the user’s lips, but EOS glides on effortlessly and is extremely suitable for consistent use on a daily basis.

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