The Importance Of Leading A Healthy Lifestyle As Propagated By Nathaniel Ru

Unlike before, today’s consumers are keen on the products they consume. This change dramatically promotes healthy living. Scientists are proving that unhealthy foods are a significant contributor to lifestyle diseases.

Thus a lot of people are overhauling their diets in a bid to save thems3elves. Restaurants today are doing all they can to ensure that fresh, healthy and organic foods are part of their menus.

Among many food chains that are abiding by the green and healthy rule, Sweetgreen is one of them. The birth of this restaurant was propagated by three businessmen. These are Nathaniel Ru, Nicholas Jammet, and Jonathan Neman.

The three met at Georgetown University where they all attended the business class. They were enthusiastic about the thought of setting up a restaur4ant that would off3er healthy meals to their cus5tomers in an exciting way.

Being guided by the preferences of the customer has proved to be one of the ways of attracting people. Sweetgreen has invested a lot of resources in ensuring that its customers are awed with the kind of services they get when they visit any of its outlets. They have made good music a part of their serene environment.

According to the firm’s head of marketing, the company thrives on the rule that their customers get value for their money. Besides the customers, the principle also applies to its employees, shareholders and the suppliers. At the company everyone benefits. Nathaniel Ru who is at the helm of Sweetgreen and the most vocal of the three entrepreneurs avers that each decision made by the company is for the common good. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | Dynamic Dialogues and  Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

With getting their products directly from the farmers, the company’s aim is ensuring that the clients get value for their money. They assure that the products they are supplied with are quality by engaging closely with the farmers.

During the weekends the firm entertains their customers with music that is played right outside their restaurants. Annually, the company also organizes an event that is aimed at bringing together the farmers, suppliers and the customers. This is so that people can get to see where the food products at the hotel are obtained from.

Sweetgreen believes that healthy food consumption is a milestone towards fitness. The company has made partnerships with fitness brands just so their clients can get used to a robust fitness program.

Enjoy Better Food from Sweetgreen Restaurants

Many people who buy food look for the right place where better food and of their choice are served. Also, good services attract customer to buy food in a specific restaurant. Sweetgreens was started by three classmates who studied together at George Town University.

Throughout their lives as students, they never found a place with good services and healthy eating options. This, therefore, made them start a restaurant in August 2007 immediately after graduating from college. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | Dynamic Dialogues

Their first trust that they would survive in business was created when all the students went home for a vacation during winter, and they made it through without collapsing.

The success of these three classmates has been enhanced by the fact that they have embraced technology in their business. 30% of the business transactions that takes place in Sweetgreen are made through its website or business app. Ru says that technology is part of their DNA.

If many big restaurants want to start from small scale, they would want to be like Sweetgreens. These restaurants are located in 40 locations and the services local, healthy fresh and organic salads.

They also serve resonated diners which attract many customers in all their 40 places. RU, Jonathan, and Nicolas are re-structuring the management strategies aiming at being more close to their customers. The trio closes the corporate office almost five times in a year so that everyone to work in their restaurants. Their primary goal is to serve many people with better foods.

The three co-CEOs are aiming at advancing and expanding their business up to the national levels. Ru expresses that they are creating a brand that stands for something.

Nathaniel Ru and the other two co-CEOs are sons of entrepreneurs as their parents are business people. They are also first generation immigrant. Ru says that reading more books and creating a team as soon as possible is the key to success in business.

Ru says that Sweetgreen is now offering not only salads but also sweet diners as well as fabulous festivals that entertain people with music. This company has 72 stores and 1700 employees.

It has also maintained its natural food from farmers therefore offering naturals flavors and sweeteners. This has made people from the United States to enjoy local and antibiotics free foods from Sweetgreens stores all over their locations

In conclusion, Sweetgreens has flourished due to their strategic management as well as enhancement of technology in their business. In addition, incorporating other services such as sweet festival has attracted customers into their services.

How You Can Prepare For Lifeline Screening

     All the screenings performed by Lifeline Screening are painless and non-invasive. Examples of this are the test for irregular heartbeat which requires simple EKG using electrodes placed on the skin, and a mere finger-stick to retrieve a few drops of blood for blood screenings.

There is also little preparation needed for Lifeline Screenings as well. Some of these involve a few hours of avoiding food consumption, but others just require the wearing of short sleeved or loose fitting garments. It is our desire to make things easy for our customers. Below you will find information about how you can prepare for your screening.

Carotid Artery Screening

  • Refrain from wearing anything that covers the neck. A shirt with short sleeves and an open collar is best.

Atrial Fibrillation

  • Wear a two-piece outfit that is loose fitting and comfortable
  • Avoid pantyhose
  • Leave your watch at home
  • Turn your cell phone off
  • Do not apply lotion or oil before the procedure

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

  • Wear a two-piece outfit that is loose fitting and comfortable
  • Prior to the screening, fast for four hours making sure that what you do eat before that is light and half what you would normally consume.
  • Take medication as you normally would
  • Follow your prescribed diabetic care plan if you have diabetes

Peripheral Arterial Disease/Ankle-Brachial Index

  • Avoid pantyhose
  • Wear short sleeved clothing
  • Wear a two-piece outfit that is loose fitting and comfortable

Elevated C-Reactive Protein

  • There are no special preparations for this screening

High Cholesterol/Complete Lipid Panel

  • Prior to this Lifeline Screening, avoid ingesting any food for 12 hours

Glucose Screening

  • Avoid food for 12 hours before this test

Osteoporosis Risk/Bone Density

  • Pantyhose should be avoided

Elevated Liver Enzymes

  • No special preparations are required prior to this screening

6 For Life Package

  • For the most accurate results, be sure to fast 12 before the screening
  • Your attire should consist of short-sleeves that are easily rolled up and a comfortable, two-piece outfit.

Fasting or avoiding food means taking medications with water only, but diabetics should follow their prescribed meal plans.

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Newly Developed 100 Percent Degradable Bottle Expected To Boost Sales for Waiakea Water Company

For a long time now, bottled water has been considered a menace because of the use of plastic bottles which take about 1,500 years to disintegrate. However, Waiakea Water Company has developed a container that can decompose in 15 years. The move is expected to have a positive impact on the environment.

The developers achieved this in two ways. First, they degraded the plastic partially; thus reducing the time it would take for nature to degrade it completely. Secondly, they converted the polymer into a non-plastic material by including carbon-based wax in its formulation. Carbon-based wax is degradable.

About Waiakea Water

The idea of Waiakea Water Company came about when Ryan Emmons, the company’s co-founder, and CEO, realized that the water he and his family had been drinking during the winters and summers he spent in Hawaii was special. Upon discovering that his family had access to one of the most naturally pure, sustainable and healthy water sources, he knew he could build a water company. In 2012, at the age of 22 years, Ryan founded Waiakea Water Company. Visit:

Awarded for excellence

Waiakea was the first ever the United States bottled water to receive the carbon neutral certification award. The reason behind the high-quality water produced by Waiakea is its processing process. Firstly, it is sourced from a single pristine source at the Southwest of Hilo town in Hawaii. It is then filtered through thousands of feet of the Mauna Loa volcano.

The filtration process enriches the water with electrolytes and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium. It also boosts the amount of silica. Studies have proven that taking 10mg of silica daily can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 11 percent.

The water also has a pH ranging from 7.8 to 8.8, which makes it naturally alkaline. Purified water usually has a neutral pH of 7. Although artificial alkaline water exists, taking it confuses the body by making it assume that it is receiving more alkaline minerals than those present in the water. Clinical research has proven that artificially alkaline water might cause serious side effects and thus should not often be consumed. Therefore, these two factors prove that Waiakea Water has various health benefits

The American Institute Of Architects

The reason for the foundation of The American Institute of Architects was to promote the scientific and realistic perfection of its members and elevate the profession’s standing. Its birth was conceptualized and brought to being by thirteen architects in 1857, in New York. The founders included Henry Cleaveland, Charles Babcock, Leopold Eidlitz, Henry Dudley, Richard Morris Hunt, Edward Gardiner, Jacob Wrey Mould, Fred A. Petersen, John Welch, Joseph C. Wells and Richard M. Upjohn, who was the then president.

Before American Institute of Architects was established, there weren’t any architecture schools or laws that governed architecture licensing. Anyone could claim to be an architect. As a group, they drafted by-laws and a constitution and named it the New York Society of Architects. The constitution was signed by all members right after they had filed for a certificate of incorporation. Architects from other cities wanted to join, and by 1880s, eleven cities had been incorporated.

A competition was held in the 1960s to come up with a new architectural design for AIA headquarters, which was won by Mitchell/Giurgola but, unfortunately, the United States Commission of Fine Arts did not approve of its concept. It was later redesigned and approved in 1970. In 2007, to mark its 150th anniversary, the building was named the American center of Architecture.


AIA has a membership of over ninety thousand architects and associated professionals, all who adhere to its code of ethics and professional conduct. There are five levels of memberships.

• Architect members.

These members are licensed, by a licensing body in the US, to practice architecture.

• Associate members.

These members are not licensed to practice but work under a professional architect’s supervision. They should be enrolled in a university program, have a degree, or are interns working towards licensure in the profession.

• International associate members

These members have an architecture license, or its equivalent, from a body outside of the US.

• Emeritus members.

These members should have been members of the AIA for fifteen consecutive years, at least 65 years of age and are not in a position to practice the profession.

• Allied members.

These members work in professions that are related to architecture, for example, engineers, planners, landscape architects, etc. This type of membership is as a result of the partnership between AIA and American Architectural Foundation.

The institute’s most prestigious honor is the Fellow of American Institute of Architects, which is awarded to members whose contributions are of national significance to the profession. Only 2% of its members have been able to get to such great heights.

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Key Aspects You Should Know About Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal; the current Global CEO at Crispin Porter & Bogusky is among the most reviewed in advertisement trends. However, her journey to success was not as easy. Published on GC Report on 19th September 2017, Lori`s success journey is characterized by ups and downs.

Graduating from university with a degree in sales and marketing, Lori joined the employment world and in 2003 gave birth to the TAG ideation which is a marketing unit for the youths. She has worked with globally popular brands including Nestle, Weight Watchers, Molson, Xbox and Staples among others. Lori also worked as a Global Accountant Director in Coca-Cola. Between 2005 and 2015, she worked in different companies including DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc. , McCann Erickson Worldwide, Kirshenbaum Bond, and Partners and MDC Partners Inc in the top positions.

According to GC Report, it is her hard work that has seen her transition to finally becoming the Global CEO of Crispin and Porter and Bogusky in March 2015.

Besides working in these global organizations, Lori has also won herself various awards and recognitions including Quantum Leap Award in 2013. This year, she received recognition from Fast Company as the Most Creative People in 2017.

Lori Senecal has shown various successes in teams. For instance, while she served as Global Chairman and kbs+ the company got listed among New York’s best working places. Besides her leadership skill, Lori is an advertisement expert, a digital strategist, and an integrated marketer. Her knowledge of brand architecture and E-commerce has enabled her to actualize new ideas hence more success.

Since her appointment as Global CEO of Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Lori has overseen the agency’s nine international offices expansion, boosting the company’s revenue by 21%. This succeeded through campaigns such as Letgo, NBA 2K and Kraft Mac and Cheese in the company’s international offices. Check out Ideamensch for more.

According to Lori, customer focus and effectiveness in passing information to viewers, paying close attention to their preference, modernity and worldwide trends is vital. This, she says is achievable through use of visual images and social media in marketing. It is through this that CP+B has attained global recognition. Visit YouTube to see more videos of Lori.

Hussain Sajwani Succeeds in the Real Estate Business

Hussain Sajwani is the founder of the DAMAC Group. He is the chairman and also acts as the CEO of the company. Hussain Sajwani has a humble background only hidden by his current status. He was born to a middle-class family back in the year 1954. Besides the family’s low level of life, it centered lifestyle and was hardworking. His father was a shop owner that dealt with watches and pens. Hussain Sajwani’s father spent little time with the family because his focus was on the success of his business and family. His mother was as well very hardworking in selling fabric and some other household goods to help in finances of the house.


Despite his father’s desire for him to work at the shop, Hussain Sajwani ignored and went on to pursue a formal education to enable him to fulfill his life’s ambition. He went on to join a medical institution in Bagdad with the help of a government scholarship. However, he failed to complete his studies. Hardship was the lesson he learned from the exposure in his father’s business, and this encouraged him on to leave aside what his father wanted and follow his entrepreneurial dreams.


In the year 2002, the DAMAC owner was able to put up the DAMAC Group which is a real estate business dealing with residential, commercial and leisure properties. The company has it’s headquartered in Dubai. From the decree by the government that allowed foreigners to own real estate, the company was founded to sell units to the foreigners. DAMAC Group became first from the Middle East to appear in the London stock exchange owing to its high success. The company has expanded wings in the project to Asia and Europe.


DAMAC Hill is one of the major projects by the company. The project comprises of golfing family community located in Dubai. It covers a total of forty-two million square feet and houses luxury apartments, villas, townhouses and mansions Trump Branded golf courses are also the major projects by the company. Trump-DAMAC Group collaboration started a long time before Donald Trump came to power. Hussain Sajwani family works closely with that of Donald Trump. The inauguration of the Trump International Golf Course occurred in 2017.


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Robert Ivy Has An Important Job

Working as the Executive Vice President and CEO of an institution such as the American Institute of Architects is an important job, and it is something that Robert Ivy takes seriously. Not everyone would be up for that type of a job, but Robert Ivy is more than prepared to take on all that he must do each day.

He was named the CEO of the American Institute of Architects in 2011, and he has worked hard at that job since then. He knows that the job that he has is one that is special and that there are many who would love to have it, and he works hard to earn his place as the Executive Vice President and CEO of a large institution.

Follow Robert Ivy on Twitter

Robert Ivy had other jobs before he started to work for the American Institute of Architecture. He started to work as the Editor in Chief of the Architectural Record in the mid-nineties. This was a job that he focused on and one that he succeeded at. This was a job that drew all of the attention of Robert Ivy, and it is one that he handled in a smart way. While he was working for the Architectural Record, Robert Ivy grew the publication to become one of the architectural journals read more than any other in the world. The work of helping the publication become popular was not easy to complete, but it was something that Robert Ivy did, just the same.

Robert Ivy is someone who has written a book and published it. His book is an authoritative autobiography and it is something that many have read. Robert Ivy has a passion for sharing with the world through writing, and that pushed him to write the book that he wrote. The biography that Robert Ivy published is titled “Fay Jones: Architect”. This book was published in 2001, and it focuses on someone who received a lot of attention for the work that he completed. Robert Ivy shared the information that he had garnered about Fay Jones so that others could learn all that he had learned. Robert Ivy had an important job in writing the book, and he took it seriously.

Robert Ivy attended Sewanee: The University of The South and received his bachelors of arts degree in English. After receiving his bachelor’s degree, he went on to get his master’s degree from Tulane University in Architecture.

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Dentist Cameron Clokie: Doing Groundbreaking Work In Toronto, Canada

Dr. Cameron Clokie is a maxillofacial and oral surgeon, scientist and entrepreneur that lives and works in Toronto, Canada. The CEO of the regenerative medicine company Induce Biologics Inc., Dr. Clokie has been involved in clinical practice and academic dentistry for more than three decades.

Crunchbase reveals that Cameron Clokie has also done numerous presentations nationally and internationally and had many papers on regenerative medicine and bone reconstruction published. Cameron Clokie also holds 25 U.S. and international existing and pending patents. He has partnered with several companies to create commercially viable enterprises from his knowledge and ingenuity.

In 1985, Cameron Clokie graduated from McGill University with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. In 1990 he completed his specialty . Two years later, he graduated from McGill University with a doctorate in bone regeneration and the interface development of dental implants.

He was subsequently hired by the University of Toronto as an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery professor. Using his innovative approach to surgical management related to jaws, Dr. Clokie has become established as a leader in the use of dental bone regeneration techniques in oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Dr. Clokie received international attention and acclaim when he used an innovative new technique he pioneered to make seven centimeters of bone regrow in the jaw of one of his 60 year old patients. The patient’s bone mass in the lower right of his jaw was lost in 2003 due to a benign tumor.

The four hour procedure Dr. Clokie performed involved the use of bone morphogenetic protein. The protein helps adult stem cells transform themselves into bone tissue. The procedure could revolutionize reconstructive surgery. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

Bone morphogenetic protein was discovered by renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. Marshall Urist at UCLA in the 1950s. Dr. Clokie learned about the growth-inducing proteins while working with Dr. Urist for four years.

Dr. Clokie explained that the protein, found within the matrix of the bone, essentially resets the skeletal clock of the jaw to the bone generation embryonic state and coaxes bone growth like it would in a newborn baby. Dr. Cameron Clokie’s innovative, groundbreaking work is hailed as the future of dentistry.

Roberto Santiago Makes It through the Muddle

Roberto Santiago is a well-known investor and entrepreneur from Brazil. He mainly operates in the mall industry as he owns the famous Manaira Shopping Mall that is rated as the most modern and equipped mall in Brazil. In fact, the mall has attained international standards as some of the international artists and celebrities travel from their countries to hold their functions at the state-of-the-art facility.

Roberto Puts Himself through School

Roberto says that he rose from poverty to his current billionaire position. His parents could hardly afford to educate him through college, so he worked extra jobs and put himself through college. Roberto confesses that it was not easy to work from a tender age. Nevertheless, it was worth the struggle.

Arts Industry

Roberto began his career in the writing and arts industry. He has never been one to seek employment as he always loved employing himself. His first venture was writing children literature as he loved kids’ stories. Most of these were based on stories he had read and his imagination. Parents and teachers approved his level and bought his books in large volumes. The kids also enjoyed reading the stories, demanding more and more of his writings.

However, after a while, Roberto changed his niche and began writing plays for the adult generation. At the same time, he directed the plays and earned respect from most of his followers who loved his plays. While He was still writing scripts, he engaged in writing inspirational articles for his blog. Many times, these articles advised people never to give up no matter what they faced. He told his own stories of how he had made it through many problems and setbacks. Consequently, he asked people to keep pushing their way to the top and eventually they would make it. Roberto gained a large following and earned his revenue from the blog. Similarly, he became very famous in the Brazil Online Industry.

Roberto in College

The success of Roberto’s blog made him desire to invest his resources. However, he had no business knowledge, and he knew investing blindly would lead to losses. Consequently, he enrolled in Business College and University and pursued Bachelor of Business Administration. The above gave him the confidence to launch into business.

Roberto in Business

Roberto’s first business was Santa Rosa café, which he started while he was still in college. He was successful at the venue since he cooked and served all his meals with excellence. Since most times he was in class, he employed able staff that would run the business even in his absence. Later, he used the profits from the firm to start a cartonnage company that was equally successful. Later, he used the profits from the company to buy the land on which he built Manaira Shopping Mall.